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Warhammer 40K: The 5 Next Characters We Need

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Mar 20 2020
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Psychic Awakening is filling in gaps in the Grimdark’s range, but here’s who needs the plastic love next:

We have already seen so many characters updated in Psychic Awakening:

  • Jain Zar
  • Drazhar
  • Shadowsun
  • Mephiston
  • Ghaz
  • Ragnar
  • Fabius Bile

Some of these were highly anticipated and awaited (Ghaz), while others were a bolt from the blue (Drazhar).


Looking Ahead

It’s clear that GW is using Psychic Awakening as a reason to cut down their list of old characters and transition them to modern plastic. Of course all the characters in the game aren’t islands, and many know each other, are allies, or famous enemies. So as the codexes come around GW will have yet another stab to update their range. These are our picks for the most important picks to update post Psychic Awakening:

Commissar Yarrick

Our absolute top choice. You just CAN’T have an all new fancy Ghaz without the man dedicated to rid the galaxy of him – Sebastian Yarrick. Ghaz has had three minis now, so it’s time to let the Old Commissar catch up with a new fancy third one of his own. Plus the Astra Militarum could use a new modern HQ… and Creed is on sabbatical in Trayzyn’s stasis museum now.

Commander Dante

Who’s the oldest most experienced living Space Marine? Who has kicked the ass of every race know out there in a harsh galaxy? Who is so respected that he is automatically selected by other Astartes Chapter Masters as supreme commander for large campaigns? Who is the Commander of all Imperial Forces in the Imperium Nihilus? The guy with that ancient teensy mini up there. You can’t have Mephiston showboating around Baal in front of his superior officer in such old digs.  I expect Dante to cross the Rubicon when the Blood Angel codex gets redone. It’s just one more thing for Luis to conquer.


The Red Terror

Skipping over the Tyranids model-wise in Psychic Awakening was a missed opportunity. The Tyranids only have 2 named characters, and you can make Old One Eye out of the bits in the Carnifex box.  The Red Terror is still sitting around with that decades old goofy old mini up there. Now of course a new Red Terror would only be as good as his rules, so it also needs a truly terrifying mini and rules redo that really put fear into the hearts of enemy characters. No where is safe!

But really, the Red Terror is just a speed bump in my book. I think GW REALLY needs to bring back something that used to have rules and still makes players across the globe shudder. An all new plastic Doom of Malan’tai

Kaela Mensha Khaine

I know you won’t believe me, but there was a time when the Avatar was FEARED! That WS/BS:10 freaked people out and he made short work of almost anyone he came into contact with. The Bloody Handed God was the “third way” for Craftworlders, and made Aspect Warrior focussed armies led by him viable alongside the Autarch and Farseer options. But the little guy doesn’t cut it any more and just look at him. He was a badass when the old metal Greater Daemons were scary. All four of the big Chaos guys have enormous new plastic kits and it’s time for the Avatar to rise from his iron throne and kick ass for the Craftworlds yet again.

Transcendant C’Tan

The Necrons have a LOT of old finecast kits. But somehow over the years the C’Tan have been slipping down the power ladder. When Nightbringer and the Deciever first appeared they were really intimidating, impressive characters. The Nightbringer WAS the personification of death itself – imprinted on the unconsciousness of all the living races he once preyed on. That is some serious bad mojo right there.  Now any old slam-captain can knock him off the board like yesterday’s news. As the scale of the game increased, the once mighty C’Tan have seen their place ever shrinking. What the Necrons really need is a new plastic Transcendant C’tan kit on scale with the Chaos Greater Daemons that can assembled as various C’Tan. Nightbringer, Deceiver, generic, and heck, throw in bits for another one like the Outsider, or maybe even the Void Dragon.  Give the mortals of the galaxy a reason to truly fear the Necrons again.



~Which would you want first, or did I miss an obvious one?


Author: Larry Vela
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