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40K: 5 Awesome Aeldari Kits for Conversions

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Apr 21 2020

40K is a miniature converters dream. Here are some of the best Eldar kits that really give hobbyists a lot of mileage!

If there’s something I love to see – it’s a hobbyist with a wild idea and the will to make it happen. From Ork looted .. well anything, to custom regiments and chapters – you can make your creative dreams a reality in the grimdark.

As we were chatting in the office (remotely) about some of out favorite conversions we got to talking about which kits in particular offer a lot of cool bits and unusual options that are just perfect for conversions. Goatboy who paints and converts professionally threw in a few of his favorites.

We already did :


Onto the Eldar

In no particular order here are our recommendations for you aspiring pointy eared hobbyists. Follow those links to take a look at the Eldar (Craftworld and Drukhari) kits’ sprues and let your own creative gears start turning.


Dire Avengers

Here’s your basic Eldar Infantry. It’s a newer kit than the Guardians, and give you all the basic slim and trim Craftworld bodies to mess with. You get all the weapons, Exarch bits, the targeter do-dads, and the banners.  Lots of cool stuff to mix into you custom force.



The Kabalite Warriors give you more bits, but you are here for the crazy poses and the wings. You get a good amount of Drukhari weapons,  and the wings are all different.  A very cook kit and the leader throws in some melee bits to boot. Lots of mix and match potential here with the Craftworlders to make your custom army, or even Corsairs.

Wave Serpent

The venerable Wave Serpent still has a few tricks. While it’s basic hull is ancient, it is the basis of the entire Craftworld grav-tank line so you have lots of ways to take the kit. You also get the Wave Serpent vanes and stretched chassis bits, plus two of all the Eldar heavy weapons as options on the top turret. Lots of extra stuff for your infinity-bits box in any case.


Such a fantastic and sinister kit. You came for all the insane blades, injectors, trophy racks and tentacles. You can mix and match with stuff like Daemon Princes, Hellbrutes, dreads and Ad-mech or even Necron bits.  Let your nightmares lead you on this one and end up with tons of unique models.

Skyrunner Seer Council

The Seer Council is a fantastic buy. First off you get the jetbikes, with their weapon options. Then you get all the robed bodies, and the hard to find Warlock heads and all those melee options. These can be mixed and matched with all the Eldar jetbike kits like Reavers, Hellions, or Shining Spears  to make cool looking units, or high-speed HQs.  A really, really useful kit.



Honorable Mention: Wyches

Every knife/blade you ever wanted in one easy place – plus crazy hair.

~Did I miss any? What are your favorite hidden gems for converting? Get converting folks!


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