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Creative Artist Spotlight: Evette’s Niche

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Apr 10 2020

A young artist and engineer have built an amazing studio of creative fantasy, where the mundane is elevated to the exceptional, and everyday items are personified in a bright, unique new way. Join us this week as we explore the incredible mind of Evette’s Niche!

While Cosplay creation and Costuming is a lush genre full of a thousand recreations and constructions, I would like to take some time today to highlight the truly unique and wonderful art of my friend Evette’s Niche.

I met this young lady a few years ago at an Austin Con and was immediately inspired by her. Her mind is constantly thrumming with new ideas, and her way of bringing concepts to life is vivid, lush, and absolutely unforgettable. It isn’t often that work of her type is appreciated, so we’re going to be taking a few weeks to really show off what she’s got. Each one of her concepts is completely and totally original and is created entirely from a vision in her mind. Evette’s unique blend of inspiration, improvisation, and innovation results in the most stunning and striking images I have ever seen. I hope you enjoy her work as much as I do.

How did you get your start in the creative arts? How long have you been creating your projects?

I have always been making things. My whole childhood, I was a kid that wanted to do everything. I did theater, painting, dancing. I loved physics and making. I made dresses from dyed newspaper, purses from duct tape and gave my teachers and friends homemade gifts.

They weren’t beautiful. But my economic situation as a child honestly forced me to be resourceful. I loved all art. But my engineering and performing background made me especially interested in things I can build and wear.

You are known for unique depictions and characterizations that are outside the mundane. What draws your eye to this level of creation?

Honestly, it doesn’t bring me any joy to recreate or replicate. Sometimes people who make replicas or cosplays tell me, “I could never have the unique ideas you do.” It truly flatters and humbles me to hear that, I think it’s untrue. Everyone has creativity inside of them. It just needs to be used and exercised.


Furthermore, I don’t think I could do what replicators do. I don’t have the precision or patience. Because I always struggled with rigorous, established forms of art, I had to make my own path in order to stand out. FIT wanted to recruit me based on my art until they saw my sketches. They were pretty bad. Lastly, wearable art is polarizing. People either tell me it’s not art. Or they are in love with it. It’s really fascinating to me.

What awards/commendations for your art have you achieved?

Confidence in myself? Sometimes?

I have never competed as there aren’t many competitions that will accept what I do. Fashion competitions won’t let me in because they believe it’s a costume. Costume competitions won’t let me in as they are mostly for theater, period pieces or they say my work is cosplay. Then, actually, most cosplay contests do not allow original designs. So, I’m pretty much on my own. I was accepted into Carnegie Mellon’s School of Art for my wearables but I chose to get an engineering degree instead.

What is your strongest construction aspect?

My creativity. I am very broad in my skill sets. Not really a “master” at any. So really my creativity carries me in everything I do.


What is your favorite type of construction work to do?

Something I have never done before.

What are your favorite completed projects, or your most popular?

My favorite: the next one I’m planning.

Most popular: my Koi Pond.

What material/medium is your favorite to work with?

I work with most mediums, but if I had to choose a medium, it would be thermoplastic.


What are your favorite fandoms? Favorite characters? Elements that inspire you the most?

I’m very inspired by physics and the natural world. Computer science and the way computers were developed inspires me a lot. I’m also definitely a sci-fi girl. TOS, Star Wars, Three Body Problem. Legion. The Lobster. I love to read. Hg Wells. HP Lovecraft. FrankensteinWelcome to Nightvale and ALL their sister podcasts. Alice isn’t Dead. Within the Wires.

In terms of inspiration, Dr. Seuss, Sasha Velour, Alexander McQueen, Kafka… Anything that conveys an existential sense of whimsey. Everyday objects. Like my teacup costume. Or a koi pond. Or a hot air balloon. More unique cultural icons like the Rose Window or Marie Antionette.

In restructuring these concepts into wearables, I deconstruct my and society’s notions about them. Marie Antionette never said, “let them eat cake.” And yet, when I wear a cake and a powdered wig, everyone knows what it is. I love playing with the cultural subconscious. Also, wearable art simply has a pull and engagement that other forms don’t have.

What kind of games do you play? Videogames? Tabletop? Wargames?

I don’t really play games. I read books and watch shows because I have to multi-task. And I’m always working on something.

What conventions do you attend? Have you guested/spoken on panels/competed in contests?

I have paneled and did Photography(press) at Tekko. I will be guesting at Animania in Wichita Falls this fall. I used to staff and do makeup for the runway show at RuffleCon before it closed.

I did a digital panel on my twitch for Tekko this year. They are still there!

Image Credit: Amy Columbus photography

What are your social media/website links? Where can we find you?

Everywhere! In order of priority:

I have Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, twitch, patreon, tiktok, Twitter.. other things. I also have pages for my photography. They are all here.

Evette’s Walking Art Club:

I have a group for people who make and wear stuff out of the norm. Come join us HERE.

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