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Custodes, Owlbears, Frosthaven, Frankenstein, D&D Trivia & Privateer

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Apr 26 2020

We have everything from GW new minis, the white hot Frosthaven KS, to Adeptus Custodes, D&D’s Owlbears and Trivia, and how to stream Frankenstein, plus a look at Privateer’s latest. Then of course, Pimpcron.

Pimpcron: 3 Times My Kids Ruined My Warhammer

Ready for a tear jerker? Pimpcron’s got ya covered this week.

Frosthaven: Kickstarter 6 Days Left To Become A Backer

Frosthaven’s Kickstarter has 6 days left – Get in on this massive success while you can!

Wyrd: New Explorer’s Society Character – The Spelleater

Wyrd is showing off a new Explorer’s Society Character for use in Through the Breach and Malifaux Third Edition. Meet The Spelleater!

Warhammer 40K: Custodes – Not Your Typical Warriors

What makes the Adeptus Custodes so much different than the Adeptus Astartes? It’s not just in the genes.

D&D: The Owlbear And The Maiden Fair

Owlbears are an iconic part of a high fantasy roleplay. Whatever their edition, whatever their condition, you’ve got go respect these massive beasts with talons and a beak to match…

Privateer Press New Releases: Convergence Angels And Shark Monsters

Come and take a look at what’s new this week from Privateer Press, featuring a ton of angels from the convergence and a cool shark monster.

D&D Trivia – Monsters Challenge

It’s Sunday! Kick off your weekend with this retro challenge for the old-schoolers out there. What ancient D&D monsters are these?

Geekery: Danny Boyle’s ‘Frankenstein’ is Coming to YouTube for Free

The National Theater has been running their NT LIve program since 2009, which was meant to bring the stage to theaters across the world. Now it’s bringing the stage to your living room.


40K Next Week: Old Books And MTO Models For A Limited Time

Next week is your last week to get your hands on the two newest Made to Order models, and, for a special one-off deal, you can also grab some classic 40K books.

  • Pimpcron: 3 Times My Kids Ruined My Warhammer