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Games Workshop Preview 2: Horus Heresy Word Bearers Praetors

Apr 4 2020

The Games Workshop Preview 2 continues with two new Horus Heresy Praetors for the Word Bearers!

Get ready for a pair of new Praetors for the Word Bearers for the Horus Heresy!

We are getting one model in Power Armor and another in Terminator Armor. These both look excellent! The etching on the armor and the poses look fantastic. If you’re looking to add these Praetors to your Word Bearers, you should be proud to do so! “But I don’t play Horus Heresy, just 40k…” Well if you’re a Chaos Player, both of these would make great Chaos Sorcerers in my opinion! So go for it!


There are more previews on the way stay tuned…

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