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Warhammer 40K: Necrons In The Starter Set – How Would You Build It?

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Apr 28 2020

There is supposedly a new starter box in the works featuring Space Marines vs Necrons – so if you were GW what would you do for Necrons?

If the rumors pan out then a new boxed set with the Space Marines and Necrons will be on the way later this year.  That remains to be seen. We still haven’t gotten the last 4 Psychic Awakening books (Saga of the Beast never made it to stores unfortunately and that leaves Engine War, War of the Spider, and Pariah). Whatever happens, this boxed set is months away. That said, if we could wish-list a bit, if you were GW what would you include the box?

Looking At The Past

When we look at the Dark Imperium Boxed set it had all new miniatures. That was a big move from GW – in fact, this box still has a few miniatures you can only get in the box (looking at you Primaris Captain In Gravis Armor and Death Guard Lord of Contagion… and pretty much all the characters). ANYHOW, if GW continues this trend, we can bet that the Space Marines are going to get some cool new models. Possibly that super pixelated flyer and/or Primaris Bikers that were “teased” a while back.

So what about the Necrons? Well, based on the Dark Imperium box, it looks like a couple characters, updated versions of older units, and new units entirely. So let’s go with that. But which units? That’s where we have some fun.


Necron Build-A-Box

Let’s start with the Characters. The biggest question is where to start? While they don’t have as many as say Space Marines, the Necrons DO have quite a few characters that are still finecast. Plus, have you SEEN the redesign of Illuminor Szeras?!


Based on that redesign GW can basically pick ANY of the characters and it would look awesome. Maybe they go with a named character like…Anrakyr the Traveller (I’m just picking one) and then update the generic Overlord. Or hey – what about the Necron Destroyer Lord?! That would be cool. 1-3 new characters in the box is a good start for the Necrons and it’s in line with Dark Imperium.

An elite unit would be my next update. And after the events of Psychic Awakening, I know exactly where I’d go:

Yep. Necron Pariahs! Let’s bring that unit back with a vengeance. I bet GW could make them look like crazy anti-psyker necrons with a radical new design. Something that makes them “elite-looking” like the Necron Lychguard. But at the same time – different. We don’t want them to retread that same look.

On to the support units. We’ve heard rumors of new Flayed Ones. I’ve never been a fan of these models and their retcon lore with the “flayer virus” stuff. Meh. And also the models have been pretty bad – sorry GW but it’s true. So yeah, I hope they get reworked completely.

Whatever they do I hope they retire these models.


Finally, we get to your basic troops. You’ve got to include some as it’s a new “Starter Set” right? The current Necron Warriors hold up well. But what if GW created a new unit based around them? I dunno what these new Warriors would be or what role they would fill – but I’ve got to admit a new addition to the troop slot would be cool.

Well that’s it for my wish-listing. But it doesn’t have to stop here. Maybe GW goes with a new direction and updates the Destroyers/hover guys! Or Immortals. Or new C’tan. OR….well, you tell us.


If you were building the Necron half of a new Starter Box – what would you include and why?

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