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Age of Sigmar: Order’s Best Heroes

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Jun 10 2020

Mortal Realms fans, here’s my 3 favorite Order heroes – based on design, story, and rules.

Over on the GW website, some of the big bruisers from both the Realms and the 41st millennium threw down to see who was the best. I did some analysis of my own a few months ago when I mathed out the top fighters and wizards based on their profile alone. So I decided to revisit them, with both their rules and their look/story factored in, one Grand Alliance at a time. So here’s my Top 3 Named Heroes, Order Edition.


My OG favorite from when I first started Age of Sigmar, Morathi is the whole package. She has a cool background story, both before and during the Age of Sigmar, she has an awesome pair of models, and she’s a powerful magical and melee fighter. Her defensive capabilities make it possible to dive her in to combat early if that’s your play, and her extended spell range, cast bonus, and high volume of spells in her small form make her a great magic cannon while your Witches tie up the enemy. All in all, she can fill just about any slot you need for your army, whether as a lithe sorceress flinging devastating magic from atop a Balewind Vortex or a horrifying snake monster tearing her enemies apart at spear length.


The original Slayer does not disappoint in AoS, clocking in as one of the most powerful models not only in his faction, but the entire game. He’s not unbeatable, of course, but he does take concentrated effort to put down, and if your opponent chooses to ignore him, he will quickly cut entire units from their army or slay their favorite leaders. His story spans several novels and audiobooks, and he’s one of the most easily recognizable Warhammer heroes. His new model is gorgeous as well, and really captures the power he wields. I’m also glad that he isn’t a Fyreslayer, and that he’s been kept his own thing throughout each iteration. He’s a textbook bruiser, and taking him in your army will almost certainly keep the target off your other units so they can execute whatever plan you have in mind.


While we don’t have all the information for this ghost warrior’s warscroll yet, we already have enough info to know that he’s going to be an absolute unit. He might even give Gotrek a run for his money, but that’s a test for when we see a full warscroll. What we do know is that he has a lot of potential power (44 damage on a perfect combat turn) and some sort of shooting attack, plus a hefty defensive bonus. As if that all wasn’t enough, his model is one of the coolest that GW has ever produced, and I think he’s going to be an auto-include in most Lumineth lists. I’m excited to read more about how the original Eltharion became the spirit he is now, and I’m sure it will only make him cooler.

Who’s your favorite Order character?


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