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40K: Chapter Approved Missing Astra Militarum Units

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Jul 14 2020

Chapter Approved is right around the corner and over 30 Astra Militarum units aren’t in it.

Chapter Approved is hitting the shelves soon and everyone is getting ready for it. There are roughly a thousand  units in the game and we are all jumping at the chance to see the points.  We will be talking about points in the days ahead, but wanted to first take a look at the book and see if any units didn’t make the jump from Chapter Approved 2019 to the new 9th Edition. We first took a look at Space Marines, then Chaos, and are moving onto the Astra Militarum. Let’s see who the Departmento Munitorum Quartermasters have consigned to the scrapyard.

Known Unknowns

GW may have a lot of reasons for dropping units from the new book. They may be unbalancing. They may be out of production. They may be very difficult to purchase. What we are presenting here is the list of the units that WERE in various Astra Militarum sections of Chapter Approved 2019, that are NOT in the new 2020 book. We will have to wait and see if they make the jump to Warhammer Legends in the future. But at this time – their fate is unknown.

Missing Forge World Astra Militarum Units

Astra Militarum

  • Aquila Lander
  • Arkurian Pattern Stormhammer
  • Arkurian Pattern Stormsword
  • Atlas Recovery Vehicle
  • Earthshaker Battery
  • Gorgon Heavy Transporter
  • Griffon Mortar Carrier
  • Hydra Battery
  • Imperial Fortress Walls
  • Leman Russ Conqueror
  • Macharius Omega
  • Primaris Redoubt
  • Sabre Weapons Battery
  • Salamander Command Vehicle
  • Salamander Scout Tank
  • Sentinel Powerlifter
  • Stygies Destroyer Tank Hunter
  • Tauros Assault Vehicle
  • Tauros Venator

Death Korps of Krieg

  • Death Korps Death Rider Commissar

Elysian Drop Troops

  • Entire army removed (11 units)




The good news is that there was not a single codex unit removed. the entire IG codex is good to go. Forge World however brought down the hammer. Some of these are no big deal. A lot of these such as Salamander vehicles and some of the fixed weapon batteries were literally among the first kits a young Forge World ever made.

A special note that the retirement of the Griffon Mortar Carrier – FINALLY removes it from the game – for the second time. This ancient plastic kit used to be part of the IG codexes in long past editions and was revived for over a decade by Forge World. Bon voyage my old underpowered friend.

The entire Elysian Drop Troops army from the Taros Campaign was swept away along with their teensy Tauros vehicles. The Sabre Battery from The Anphelion Project is gone as well. Funky oddballs like the Atlas Recovery Vehicle, Sentinel Powerlifter, and the Gorgon are better suited for Narrative Play.  Overall, it’s a fairly deep cut. But then again, the Astra Militarum was the wellspring from which Forge World came, and their range is extensive and old. It looks like GW decided to pare down quite a bit to keep control of the game and make it easier for the Design Studio to manage Matched Play.

Old soldiers never die, they just fade away. We’ll always have Narrative and Open Play.

~Have at it, and we will be bringing you more info from Chapter Approved in the days ahead.


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