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40K: Chapter Approved Missing Chaos Units

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Jul 13 2020

Chapter Approved is right around the corner and dozens of Chaos units aren’t in it.

Chapter Approved is hitting the shelves soon and everyone is getting ready for it. There are roughly a thousand  units in the game and we are all jumping at the chance to see the points.  We will be talking about points in the days ahead, but wanted to first take a look at the book and see if any units didn’t make the jump from Chapter Approved 2019 to the new 9th Edition. We first took a look at Space Marines and are moving onto Chaos. Let’s see who the Ruinous Powers have consigned to oblivion.

Known Unknowns

GW may have a lot of reasons for dropping units from the new book. They may be unbalancing. They may be out of production. They may be very difficult to purchase. What we are presenting here is the list of the units that WERE in various Chaos sections of Chapter Approved 2019, that are NOT in the new 2020 book. We will have to wait and see if they make the jump to Warhammer Legends in the future. But at this time – their fate is unknown.

Missing Forge World Chaos Units


  • Plague Hulk of Nurgle


  • Hellforged Kharybdis Assault Claw

Lords of Ruin

  • Lord Arkos
  • Chaos Hellwright
  • Chaos Hellwright on Dark Abeyant

Children of the Warp

  • Giant Chaos Spawn
  • Plague Toads of Nurgle
  • Pox Riders of Nurgle
  • Samus
  • Spined Chaos Beast
  • Uraka the Warfiend

Renegades and Heretics

  • Entire army removed (15 units)



The good news is that there was not a single codex unit removed. No matter what flavor of chaos you play from The Legions to Deamons, all the way over to Knights you are good to go. Forge World however brought down the hammer. Some of these are no big deal. The Plague Hulk of Nurgle is really just a Defiler. Things like the Plague toads of Nurgle and Giant Spawn were originally brought over from Warhammer Fantasy and have been long out of print.

There were some surprise though, like the Kharybdis, which is perhaps just too large and oddball of a unit to allow in Matched Play. It’s also really tricky to assemble.

We’ll be hanging with the Narrative Play crowd – cya!

But the BIG chop is the entire Renegades and Heretics list. This troublemaker of a list came from the Siege of Vraks trilogy and has been causing problems as it gets mixed into the CSM codex mix for years. Most of its units are long out of print. It’s a great list for Narrative play, but its entire reason to exist has heavy overlap with what you can get out of the various Chaos codexes now.  My hope is that the army’s removal opens up more room for a future Traitor Guard codex, based on some of the models and still legal units we saw come out of Blackstone Fortress.


But whatever the reason, none of the above units have point values and it looks like we won’t be using them in Matched Play.

~Have at it, and we will be bringing you more info from Chapter Approved in the days ahead.

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