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Goatboy’s 40K: The Naughty Knights of Ninth

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Jul 23 2020

Goatboy here again with another list, now with points!  Let’s talk about evil stompy Knights in 9th.

I updated my Chaos Knight list before the global lockdown hit and it has to change again now the new edition is out.  Lucky for me this isn’t about adding anything new – it instead is about removing a few things to make it all fit.  I don’t know how they are going to do with the new armies right now – most likely a weird army that hits the 50% win rate with some lucky chances to get that 4-1 or 5-1 wins.  I think the Chaos Knight players goal will be trying to go for best Chaos Knight player.

9th edition is going to be a game about board control and objective control – which Knights can sorta do ok with.  They will have a ton more CP to mess with – so expect a ton of updates and upgrades set up in your army as you plan to take over the table top.  I am expecting a ton of relics and maybe an auto Warlord trait of becoming Objective Secured and counting as 10 models.  The update we got from Psychic Awakening seems to push me to making my own evil Iconclast Household with the ability to reroll one of the random # of hits dice.  If not that move towards the auto set one that gives you a +1 to hit option when you charge.  Both seem good – and depending on what you have set up on your army it might be worth it.

I’ve always been a fan of the Thermal Knights and having the ability to reroll one dice just seems extremely powerful.  Going from 7 – 9 Lascannon shots and having a chance to remove the bad 2-3 shot option seems way to powerful.  The other thought I had is really going for a Close Combat one designed to abuse the ability to walk over infantry and get involved in terrible ways.  I don’t know if it will be good – but it feels like something that could be interesting.  I know we would want to go Infernal – but taking that damage each turn is just not good.

The question then is – how do we put it all together?   We are losing some Armigers or War Dogs – which hurts as they are the ones that help amp up some extra bits of pain the army can bring.  Plus it gives you some other models that can run out and hold and objective or two.  It’s also why I am looking at making a sacrifice option to see if I can fit in an extra War Dog.

With that – let’s start to build.  This is going to be one Super heavy Detachment with as much nonsense we can fit in.


The Naughty Knights of Ninth

Super Heavy Detachment – Chaos Knights
Iconclast – Make own Household – Pinpoint Cruelty

Knight Despoiler – Reaper Chainsword, Thunderstrike Gauntlet, Heavy Stubber, Warlord Trait – Eager for the Kill, Relic – The Quicksilver Throne of Slaanesh, Dreadblade – 400pts
Knight Despoiler – Thermal Cannon X 2, Heavy Stubber, Relic – Veil of Medrengard (-1CP) – 465pts
Knight Despoiler – Thermal Cannon X 2, Heavy Stubber, Warlord – Infernal Quest (-1CP) – 465pts
Wardog Moriax X 2 – Lightning Locks X 2 – 330pts
Wardog Moriax X 2 – Lightning Locks X 2 – 330pts

PTS: 1990 CP: 10


This gives me a lot of points if I want to do the Vows as I write the list.  It is pretty simple – you got one knight to go yolo into the army – enough little Moriax’s to run around and help hold stuff – plus two pain in the butt Thermal Knights to throw out some damage.  The reroll 1 for the amount of hits is pretty dang important.  The best thing about this army – I already have it all ready to go!  If I only had 5 more points I could make the close combat knight a Rampager but I am already pushing it as is.

Are you excited to finally play some 9th edition tournaments in a few months?  What armies are you getting ready for that sweet bit of 10 vps?



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