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Age of Sigmar: Two Lumineth Lists From GW – Teclis & Friends

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Sep 10 2020

Games Workshop has a pair of Lumineth Realm-lord lists they are showcasing today – let’s take a look at them and why Teclis will be a thing!

THe Lumineth Realm-lords are finally getting the rest of their army out and GW has been in a frenzy showcasing things from this army. Today, we get a pair of army lists designed by Chuck Moore from Strength Hammer and they have a theme. Granted, you can build an LRL list without Teclis, but if you don’t include him, you’re missing out on a pretty potent spell caster. Let’s look at Teclis first and then the lists.

It’s a full page of rules just for the Archmage Teclis – that should already tip you off as to how powerful he is. Not only does he have multiple spell-casts a turn, but he can fire off those spells in a variety of ways that make it very difficult for your opponent to unbind them. While he’s not exactly a power-house in close combat, he’s also no slouch. Just keep him slinging spells and avoid fights in close-combat that aren’t already tilted in your favor and he should be fantastic.

Now that you have an idea of what Teclis can do, let’s take a look at the first list with some of the thought behind it.

via Warhammer Community


This list is pretty “meat and potatoes” with the four units of Vanari – two units of 20 Wardens and two units of 10 Sentinels. Note his Hero/General choices as well. Finally, it’s backed up by a Warscroll Battalion and two Endless Spells. Looks solid. Not a ton of “tricks” or elites – but a solid list all around. So what did Chuck have to say about this list?


“I start every army list by immediately adding Archmage Teclis and The Light of Eltharion to my roster. Teclis is the greatest mage to ever live, and his unappreciated attempts to stop the End Times are more than enough for me to include him in any army. On top of this, the magical capability of Teclis is hard to ignore. Eltharion is also an easy choice for me with his ability to venture off and pin a unit, dealing out solid damage to whatever he comes in contact with during combat.”

Those are all good points. It’s also helpful to know a bit about the Great Nation he’s selected: Iliatha and their Unity of Purpose.

On top of this command ability, they also have a flat +2 Bravery on those units so battleshock shouldn’t be too rough either. The battalion also has an ability that allows for units to re-roll saves of 1 whenever two units from the battalion are within 3″ of each other. That makes the list more durable than you might think. And they still have access to the Protection of Teclis:

Again, being a pretty straight forward list with a solid core is great. I don’t think you can go wrong with this one – especially as a starting list. The next one packs a bit more beef but also requires a bit more finesse.


So what did Chuck say about this one and why the changes?

“While I feel comfortable with this roster as the first 2000 points into my Lumineth Realm-lords army, I do feel a bit of guilt for not fielding any of the more mountain-themed aelves. In order to remedy this, I’ve also worked on how to begin shifting my first list to include more Alarith units. This move does require me to sacrifice some of the bodies in my original list, but I gain some room for elite units.”

Swapping out 20 Wardens and the two Endless Spells for 10 Stoneguard is certainly a drop in total body count. However, they do pack quite a punch!

They do have a few tricks now and we can’t forget about the addition of the Stonemage. Those units do have some good synergy and could provide some extra utility in the list. And again, it’s still got Teclis and his spell slinging backing up all these units. It will require a bit more planning to get all the pieces in the right spot, but when it all clicks, this list has some potential.

Don’t discount flexibility in your lists as the missions and objectives really do force armies to “bend” their battleplans to complete them. If you just build a list designed for a straight-up fight with no flexibility, you might have some trouble winning some of missions that force you to account for the objectives.

The Lumineth Realm-lords have a lot of options and with their battletome finally getting a proper release in the wild this weekend, I’m sure folks are going to start playing around with more and more options from this book. If you are unsure where to start, these two lists are good foundations – particularly the first one – and you can always take those ideas and tweak them to make them your own. Maybe you’d rather take one of those new Divine Bovines instead of Teclis…Just an idea.



What do you think of these lists? Have you started list building for the Lumineth?

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