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GMM Showcase: A Tale of Four Characters – Lord of Sigmar

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Sep 22 2020

Hello BoLS readers! Today I give you a taste of one of my upcoming projects coming your way. Take a look at one of the greatest of Sigmar’s Stormcasts.

Last time I kicked off a series on one of my favorite aspects of painting Warhammer armies – the large, centerpiece models.  While I love painting the piles of core infantry models in an army, the larger centerpiece models represent quite a few things that are often taken for granted at first glance.

They act as a banner for the army.  A special, eye catching point of reference that often encapsulates what the army is in sculpt, theme,  and in paint. One of the juiciest aspects of working on these models is coming up with the appropriate composition that compliments and represents all three well and equally.  Often these are saved for last, to absorb the army scheme and it’s nuance and character, and then portray that within those three aspects later at the end of the project.


Laid over this and another reason for doing them last, they are a bit of a celelebration of the whole of the army and working on these at the conclusion makes sense and adds excitement.  The army is finished and that energy and total time of consideration and experience with the scheme is applied to the centerpiece models in creative fanfare.

In the example I am using for this article, we have exactly these points.  This was a Stormcast army done recently, with a black and fire theme.  I worked my way up from infantry, to composing the color palette for the cavalry, and then right before the final basing steps and the army complete, broke into this wonderful sculpt to celebrate being done in a great representation of the spirit of the army – pure yellows, fun blended lava rock and firey effects.  It made sense, did the rest of the army well as a representative for the glance, and was a heck of a lot of fun to work on.  One of my favorite large models to work on and was proud of the simple but effective, exciting look.


Thanks for reading, and catch you next time!


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