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GW Rumor Engine: It’s A Vulture!

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Sep 29 2020

I think we nailed this new Rumor Engine from Games Workshop.

Everyone can take our weekly game of trying to guess the Rumor Engine off today – It’s a Vulture. Boom. Nailed it.

via Warhammer Community

“As the end of the year approaches, the Rumour Engine’s prognostications grow even more unusual.”

Vulture! And we’re done. Man, that was pretty easy. Maybe the Rumor Engine is just getting a little lazy or just wanted to phone this week’s in. Perhaps it was suffering from a case of the Mondays or was getting over a long weekend hangover and just wanted to take it easy. We can all go home now.

There’s more to it than ‘It’s a Vulture’ you say? Like what faction or models could be associated with such a bird? Okay – sure…I guess we can dig into that a bit more.

These guys sure fit the bird bill. Although, they are more into Ravens than Vultures.


While I do see a resemblance, I’m not sure that these two birds are related.

Vultures are also associated to death in that they are scavengers and pick the meat off of the bones of the dead. Could this Rumor Engine have something to do with the Death Faction?

I dunno. Even their birds are kinda skeletons. What about the other side of the coin in the Grimdark? Anyone a fan of birds?

Close…but that’s an eagle. Oh and it has two heads. What if it’s a mascot for a unit in the Imperial Navy’s Aeronautica Imperials!?


Vultures – they has them.

Hmm. Well that last one does seem like a reach. But at least we can say for sure – it’s a Vulture…Right?


What do you think? Do you have a guess as to what this week’s Rumor Engine is? 

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