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Let’s Play D&D With The Lost Boys

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Sep 30 2020

If you want to hunt some vampires in D&D you could visit Strahd’s castle or you could jump into the world of the Lost Boys. And one has more memorable hair.

With Halloween right around the corner, it’s time to start watching all of the spookiest and silliest movies about ghostly, ghouls, monsters, slashers, or just everybody’s favorite wholesome goth family. This week I’m getting started a little early with a movie that I think was supposed to be horror / comedy but has aged beautifully into a period piece of the late 80’s – The Lost Boys.

Most of this movie is about vampires. The main antagonists are a crew of teen vampires, the protagonists are some teens, one of whom is becoming a vampire – it’s a vampire movie. Unfortunately, most of the vampires aren’t that interesting all things told. They’re effectively one large character who has been split into a small gang with the combined personality of “Cool 80’s guy” and “motorcycle” and “have you seen my hair?” As movie villains, they’re great. As writable D&D characters… Not so much.

And so it’s time to refer once again to the hand dandy Vampire Monster Sheets!

For the sake of this imaginary campaign let’s say that David is a full fledged vampire while the rest of his gang are the spawn. They sure were easier to dispatch.

But who were the heroes of this tale? Perhaps the main character, Michael?

No! Of course not Michael! He spent his first night living in a new town that claimed to be the “Murder Capital” drinking blood out of a bottle with a bunch of people he’d met ten minutes earlier. Michael is the character who your actual heroes need to save from himself.


The heroes of this campaign would be Edgar and Alan Frog, the monster hunting Frog Brothers.

These two characters are practically indistinguishable despite being the heroes of this movie But what they lack in unique features and traits, they make up for in basic skills and a general knowledge of what vampires are and how to deal with them. Sure, all of the information comes from comic books, but when it comes time to kill some vampires, they kill some vampires.

I went with the Unearth Arcana Monster Hunter class for them, but kept their level kind of low. After all, despite possibly being the most capable people in town, they’re still kids who are more or less winging it through their first actual vampire encounter. Up until this point it’s been very theoretical. Don’t worry, they definitely gain a level or two while the credits are rolling.

How would you make a Lost Boys game for D&D? Which character would you want to play as? Which spooky sheets would you like to see next?

Happy Adventuring!


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