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Warhammer 40K: McFarlane Toys Pre-Orders In October

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Sep 22 2020

Mark your calendars for Saturday October 10th – You’re going to want to get ready to Pre-Order these new 40k Action Figures from McFarlane!

We’ve known they were coming for a few months but now we know when exactly they are going to be available to order. McFarlane Toys is bringing 3 new 7″ tall figures to life in October – and it’s your change to own them!

via Warhammer Community

All three figures can be ordered from on Saturday the 10th of October, and will be available for just one week. Make sure to set a reminder now – you don’t want to miss your chance to grab these stunning depictions of iconic Warhammer 40,000 units.

As a quick reminder – what are those units? We are getting two Primaris Space Marines and One Necron Warrior.

Space Marine Assault Intercessor Sergeant


“The Space Marines Assault Intercessor Sergeant represents the leader of the 4th Squad of the Ultramarines 2nd Company. This 7” tall figure features all the same details as his smaller plastic brothers, including the Indomitus Crusade icon on his left vambrace, and a tilting plate with personal heraldry. He’s armed with a heavy bolt pistol and an Astartes chainsword, which can be posed in a variety of ways with the figure’s 22 points of articulation.”

If a pre-painted Assault Intercessor Sergeant doesn’t strike your fancy, there is also the option for a Grey Primaris Intercessor as well:


Primaris Intercessor Artist’s Proof

This is basically the same figure, just with a Bolt Rifle and “painted” completely grey. Talk about a hobby challenge! Paint this one up as any chapter you choose.

Necron Warrior

Not to be out done, the Necron Warrior is coming with a matching 22 points of articulation and also comes with a little scarab buddy as well. Painted up in bronze, silver, and black you could further modify the color scheme to match whatever dynasty you wanted – or just keep this one as menacing as it looks!

Again – all of these figure are going to be available on Games Workshop’s site for one week starting Saturday the 10th of October. So if you are interested in one (or all) of these figures, you are definitely going to want to mark your calendars for this one.


That Artist Proof is calling to me…

Edit: McFarlane Toys has a price listed for Space Marine Primaris Intercessor AP at $19.99.

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