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Warhammer 40K: Other Action Figures We Want

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Sep 9 2020

The Bandai Space Marines are pretty stinking cool. But how about some love to the other factions, too?

Warhammer 40,000 has a LOT of factions. Space Marines are definitely the poster boys for the game but there are hundreds of other miniatures in the range and just about all of them would look amazing as an Action Figure. Bandai seems to have the whole Primaris Space Marine thing going on and McFarlane has both a Space Marine and Necron Warrior on the way. That’s great! But if we had to make a short list of Action Figures we want this would be it.

Chaos Marine

There are so many options to choose from for a Chaos Marine. And honestly, I think McFarlane could do some pretty impressive stuff with them in their chosen scale. Imagine a Chaos Marine with a Heavy Weapon. Or a Chaos Terminator! Or a Raptor! Seriously, pick any Chaos Infantry unit and make one and you’d have a winner. And don’t even get us started thinking about how awesome Chaos Cult Troopers would be as Action Figures.

Aeldari Aspect Warriors

Seriously – pick one. Again, ANY of them would look great – and these are the old models. Imagine the new Banshees or an updated Striking Scorpion as an Action Figure! You really can’t go wrong with any of the Aspect Warriors as an Action Figure.

Yeah, those would look amazing.

Ork Nobz

You could go with an Ork Boy but a Nob would be better. Why? Because they are bigger and Orks know that Bigger is better! You’ve also got options for Power Klaws and other combi-shootas and such. A Nob would just have more options over-all. Plus a 7″ Nob Action Figure would be pretty rad! But it doesn’t have to stop there. Sometimes these companies make deluxe kits so why not a Nob Biker?! Or an Ork in Mega Armor? Let’s get really crazy and get a Deff Dread in Action Figure Scale! It would probably be closer to 12″ when it’s all said and done, but that would look pretty cool.



A Multi-pose Genestealer Action Figure with a ton of points of articulation would be freaking awesome. I’d probably want a brood myself! These would look awesome and you know it. We could even get some head swaps or different arms – Rending Claws and Scything Talons, right?! Bring on the Genestealers already.

Sister of Battle

Imagine some of the new plastic Sisters of Battle in Action Figure size! Those would look awesome. And the range could expand to include other models like Repentia or Seraphim. If they wanted a deluxe version, how about a fully articulate Penitent Engine! The Sister would have some great options. Just tossing that out there…


The Drukhari are another range that would lend itself well to Action Figure size. The Incubi would be quite striking with their blend of strength and grace…and pokey bits. Honestly, I just like to see one of their blades in Action Figure Size – the thing would be like 5″ to 6″ long! And the double length one would easily be as tall as the figure itself.


Seriously though – you really could pick just about ANY unit from any faction and they would look pretty amazing an Action Figure from either Bandai or McFarlane Toys. They would make for a really good hobby project if you wanted to dirty them up or maybe add some extra shade and highlights…just tossing that out there.


C’mon GW – give the people what they want: More Action Figures!!!

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