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Age of Sigmar: Behemat the World-Titan, Sire of the Gargants

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Oct 7 2020

Today we enter the Mortal Realms and learn of the Godbeast Behemat, known as the World-Titan or the Star Gargant. A creature around which the fate of the Mortal Realms once turned.

Behemat, also known as the World-Titan or the Star Gargant, is a Zodiac Godbeast. He was a colossal creature of living stone that is rumoured to be the ancestor of the Aleguzzler Gargants.

War for the Scabrous Sprawl

Archaon sought to corrupt the Behemat so he could be turned into a puppet of Chaos instead of a force of nature. To that end he set three objectives to his forces so he could control over the World-Titan: Send the Skaven of Clan Vrrtkin and Clan Mors to burrow through the earth to awaken the titan by drilling to the beast with warpstone drills and corrupt geomantic lines; second he would ensure that the titan was placid by sending Bloab Rotspawned to infect him with a daemonfly curse called the Plague of Atrophy; third he would bind him to his servitude by putting the Great Green Torc, corrupted by the Brayherds of Nurgle, around his neck, filling him with the Plague god’s power, ensuring his loyalty and empowering his already enormous strength. In the final part of the plan Archaon would fill the deity’s mind with twisted half-truths about the death of his father Ymnog during the Age of Myth, twisting his allegiance to Ghyran in order to see his the Stormcast as his enemies rather than the forces of Chaos. If this plan succeed Archaon would have a pantheon of Godbeasts at his call and would use them to invade Azyr.


To stop Archaon’s plan, Sigmar sent chambers from the Knights Excelsior and Celestial Vindicators Stormhosts under the control of Lord-Celestant Pharakis to the lands of the Sprawl to systematically exterminate anything touched by Chaos and purify the geomantic nodes. The Hallowed Knights under Gardus and the Anvils of Heldenhammer under Thaddeon ven Denst were sent to cleanse the Great Green Torc.

As the war for the Sprawl continued, the godbeast stirred in its sleep causing earthquakes all over the Sprawl, great chasms that spewed geysers of putrefaction and drowned acres in filth, shuddering in pain as earthquakes trembled the land. Mountains rose as the titan flexed his knuckles and his groans of pain was so loud it drowned Sigmar’s Tempest. The shaking land made ancient ruins collapse and brave warriors to vanish into fissures.

The titan was eventually awoken into a state of demented agony by the drills boring into his body, turning the entire land and sending avalanches and tidal waves. One of his arms crushed the Scrabble-Chewer as it raised and the tidal waves drowned the Fjord Tribes on the opposite coast. Sigmar was distracted with multiple wars, but not Dracothion who sent several Chamber Extremis to reinforce the heavily outnumbered Stormcast. Behemat tried to grab him but the Great Drake just nimbly weaved away from his hand.



As Behemat rose he saw the state Ghyran for the first time in millennia, no longer paradisaical vistas but teeming with parasites and ruin, he frowned and roared in fury. The Stormhosts decided it was too late to save the titan and decided to slay him by summoning the Great Bolts, the same weapon that had slain his father. But the Great Bolts struck at random, failing to hit it’s target. When all seem lost, Celestant-Prime appeared.

He catched and contained all of the lighting, concentrated it on mighty Ghal Maraz and sent the strengthened Great Bolts to the cratered skull of the wounded Behemat. This was too much even for god-creature. With a mighty roar it crashed to the land constantly dead. This time the Scabrous Sprawl was not his prison, but his grave. So was shamed Archaon, his plans about Behemat became fruitless.


Behemat has hill-ridged brows. His hand is the size of an island. His earlobes are staked with the Pillars of Geostasis done so during the ritual that bound him beneath the land. The forest of strange tapered trees in the Sprawl are the hairs of his colossal toes. Tor Crania is his domed head and Titansmawr chasm is his mouth.


He once had a monolithic temple at the crest of Tor Crania, but it was toppled by cyclopean mutants long ago.

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Author: Larry Vela
  • Age of Sigmar: A Closer Look At The Mega-Gargants of Behemat