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Age of Sigmar: Mega-Gargant – The Gatebreaker Breakdown

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Oct 10 2020

The Mega-Gargants are up for Pre-order this weekend and we’re taking a look at our favorite of the lot – the Gatebreaker!

Of the three Mega-Gargants available to build from the box, we here at BoLS were immediately drawn to one in particular: The Gatebreaker! There was something about the executioner’s hood that called to us anyhow, we got our hands on the book and built the model:

Breaker of Gates – And Other Things

This model is pretty big. We showed off some size comparisons in the video so check that out to see it standing next to a few Greater Daemons, some Infantry models, and even an Imperial Knight! This particular versions stands around 6.5″ tall:

Sorry for the parallax-tilt

But this is still a really BIG model.


I can’t wait to get this guy on the tabletop!

Anyhow, it’s not just the model that’s cool – we also liked the particular rules for this Mega-Gargant! So let’s take a closer look now that we’ve got the book.

We’ve been getting teasers from GW most of the week, however, there were still a few surprises here.

Almighty Stomp allows for re-rolls of hit rolls vs non-Monsters with the Almighty Stomp attack. Considering it already hits on a 3+ this makes it even more accurate.

Crushing Charge generates some Mortal Wounds just for getting into 1″ on the charge.

Death Grip ALSO gets to re-roll hit rolls of 1 making it another fairly accurate attack – however, that re-roll only applies to Monsters.


Longshanks is a rule we are glad the Mega-Gargant has as it allows for him to move over models and terrain. It’s not the same as Fly but it’s good enough!

Smash Down is going to be trouble for units in terrain or garrisoned. I’m still not 100% sure how this interacts with Kharadron Overlords but if my hunch is right, that’s just extra damage when they are embarked on a transport. (Psst, abandon ship!) Also, we’re kind of curious how this will work against army specific terrain. Herd Stones, Loon Trees, and other various boons to armies are about to get wrecked.

Son of Behemat protects against insta-death spells and abilities. You still take a chunk of Mortal Wounds however.

Terror makes a comeback and adds a -1 the Bravery characteristic of enemy units within 3″.

Timberrrrr! is the final ability that essentially makes this a 50/50 shot that it will land where you want it to, crushing more enemies as it dies.

Also, if you were wondering about their points – they are in the General’s Handbook 2020 and they remain unchanged. You can actually build a list with one of each Mega-Gargant and 3 more other Gargants for a 2k list that is “legal” Pitch Battle army list. And it’s only 6 models! I don’t know if it would be good…but it would be a thing you could do! If I really wanted to do a full Sons of Behemat list, I’d probably go with 2 Gatebreakers and 6 other Gargants for an 8 model list personally. Or some combination to get a few more bodies on the board. You need those battleline Gargants afterall!

The box and book are up for pre-order from GW this weekend!




What do you think of the Gatebreaker Mega-Gargant?

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