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AoS: Getting the Boys Together – Sons of Behemat Tribes

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Oct 11 2020

Nothing better than smashing your enemies underfoot with a group of your gigantic angry friends.

‘Ere we are, lads, the big day is almost upon us, and the Sons of Behemat will be stomping onto the battlefield very soon. The Mega-Gargants are bringing their (relatively speaking) little brothers along as well, and like most of the armies before have divided themselves into tribes depending on the loose philosophies of the bigger guys that lead them. In game terms, this means that your tribe is defined by which Mega-Gargant you have as your general. Here’s my thoughts on the three Behemat tribes, and what sorts of warfare each excels at.

Taker Tribes

Led by the cunning and greedy Kraken-eaters, Taker tribes seek to acquire as much loot, land, and conquest as they can. Each gargant within the army counts as 15 models instead of the normal 10 from the Mightier Makes Rightier battle trait, and Mega-Gargants as a whopping 30! Combine this with the Kraken-eater’s admittedly hilarious ability to kick objectives to a different part of the battlefield, and you’ll almost always be able to snag objectives and keep them out of enemy hands. To represent the avarice of the Kraken-eater leading the army, not only do you get to pick from 6 artefacts rather than just 3, but your general can select a command trait that lets him pick 2 rather than just 1, and whenever an enemy with an artefact is killed, the army gets to pick a Triumph to represent the general’s growing collection. If you want to use your cunning along with your might to win games, this is the army for you.

Stomper Tribes

The most war-like and aggressive of the three tribes, the Stompers relish combat against massed foes, and their generals rule over their tribes with fear. Mancrushers in a Stomper army increase their damage by 1 if fighting a unit with 10 or more models and by 2 against a unit with 20 or more, meaning each one has the capacity to dish out 30 wounds with their clubs alone against massed units like Gitz or Clanrats. In addition, the Stompers give up the standard command traits for a table of their own representing the presiding Warstomper barking commands at his Mancrusher underlings. This army excels at bringing a mass of smaller gargants and a single Mega-Gargant leading the charge. If you want to disrupt your enemy’s plans by simply removing them from the field of combat, definitely go with these guys.


Breaker Tribes

Last but most certainly not least, the followers of the civilization-hating Gatebreakers inherit their liege’s disdain for all things built. Mancrushers in a Breaker tribe can use a watered down version of the Smash Down ability, meaning that armies that rely on their terrain like Sylvaneth should live in fear of these roving monsters. In addition, Gatebreakers and Mancrushers in a Breaker tribe get to pick something else they really hate, like standard bearers or ridden monsters, and can increase their hit rolls against those enemies. If you wanna smash with glee and make sure you hit hard, this is the one to go with.

Which tribe will you be taking?

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