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D&D: The Best Gelatinous Cube Cosplay You’ll Ever See

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Oct 13 2020
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Have you ever wondered how you might cosplay as a Gelatinous Cube? Well Ginny Di, D&D cosplayer has beaten you to the punch. Check it out!

Gelatinous Cubes are among the best monsters in all of D&D. They’re big friendly cubes that keep dungeons clean, stay mostly out of sight when they don’t want to make a scene, but when they’re ready to make a splash, they have a way of making sure that every dungeon is a party. In short, there’s nothing not to love about gelatinous cubes, and on the occasion you get dissolved by one, you should consider yourself lucky.

Which is why legendary D&D cosplayer Ginny Di, who most probably know for her work as Jester Lavorre, the Tiefling trickster from Critical Role, has paid tribute to the most platonically solid of all monsters.

You can see how it was made in the video above, but look at the details from the dress. Bones from previous victims, still floating within the “cube”, the acid green glow that floats.

It doesn’t get much better than this. If you enjoyed the dress, you can find more by following Ginny Di on Instagram and Twitter.

Happy Adventuring!


Author: J.R. Zambrano
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