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Star Wars: HasLab’s Razor Crest Adds Baby Yoda and Escape Pod

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Oct 15 2020

Mando’s ship may not be as adorable as Baby Yoda, but it makes an awesome collectible – and several bonuses have been unlocked.

The first HasLab project was a massive recreation of Jabba’s sail barge, the Khetanna.  They’ve followed up with pitches for full-sized Cookie Monster (failed, sadly), Unicron, a Sentinel from X-Men, and HeroQuest. With the platform proven, it was time to return to Star Wars.

Vintage Collection Razor Crest$349.99

  • Star Wars: The Vintage Collection Razor Crest vehicle
  • 3.75-Inch The Mandalorian Figure in Beskar armor with a one-of-a-kind soft goods cape
  • This crowdfund project will run until November 9th, 2020
  • The project will begin shipping around Fall 2021.

This is one of largest Vintage Collection ship to date – it’s 30 inches long (with the main cannons), 20 inches wide, and 10.5 inches tall when it’s sitting on the landing gear. The ship is fully compatible with 3.75″ vintage scale figs, just like the Khetanna. They’ve packed in a ton of more details this time.

  • The cockpit opens to reveal a fully detailed interior with three seats that fit Vintage Collection figures
  • Detachable engines and removeable hull panels
  • A weapons locker with included, removeable, show-inspired weapons accessories
  • A carbon freezing chamber and cargo hold with cargo netting
  • Opening rear and side doors and lowering ramps
  • Removeable landing gear
  • Bunk area with space for a figure to hide
  • Any secured unlocks


Vintage Series Baby Yoda Unlock – Secured

Escape Pod Unlock – Secured

Carbonite Blocks Unlock – 13k Backers Needed


Author: Mars Garrett
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