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Warhammer 40,000: New Necron Command Protocols

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Oct 3 2020
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Let’s take a look at rules for the new Necron rules for their latest mechanic – Command Protocols.

The New Rules

Here’s everything you wanted to know about he latest Necron army mechanic.  Move over Marines, the space undead have their own set of turn by turn special abilities. Let’s dive in:

This first section section give you the overall structure for the rules mechanic. Before the game you note which Command Protocol your army will use each turn, and write them down. There are six to choose from and each turn must use a different one. No duplicates.  Once a turn begins, the Command Protocol becomes active IF you have a NOBLE Necron unit on the tabletop.  Each of the six Command Protocols have two directives. YOu pick which one is active for the turn during the game, and it will affect any eligible Necron units within 6″ of any Necron Character. Necron units have a special rule “Command Protocols” on their datasheet if they are eligible (which is everything except C’Tan).

Now we get into the 6 Protocols themselves and the directives. Each of these helps during either a specific phase, or buffs necron abilities. You get 4 Protocols that help from enemy attacks, increase movement, improve shooting, increase melee ability, improve Living Metal/Reanimation Protocols, and aid auras.


I like these. While they are not army wide, these rules will ensure lots of Necron NOBLE units are in the midst of friendly units to give them local buffs.  It feels like a mix & match version of the Marine Tactical Doctrines that you can reorder to best fit your army’s playstyle.  There are some obvious choices like using the defensive Protocols early game to shrug off damage, and the auras and melee ones later once you get stuck in. It probably won’t affect things too much due to the NOBLE and range limitations, but a canny play can use to either help his Dynasty, while a crafty opponent can knock out NOBLES to deny portions of the Necron list buffs.

~Have at it.


Author: Larry Vela
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