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Warhammer 40K Showcase: The Salamanders of Indomitus

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Oct 14 2020

New sons of Vulkan! New warriors of Nocturne! Gentleben is here to show off his latest.

I picked up the Indomitus box and have been painting away to expand my Salamander army. Let’s head into the forge.


I loved this model from the get-go, including the festive seasonal skeleton. But dusty old bones are a little off brand for the Salamanders. I was considering things to replace it with, when I noticed the Salamander Bladeguard on the Indomitus box with the smoldering skull s in his shield. Why not go full smoldering corpse for the big guy’s shield? I also gave him a nice searing power sword, some freehand flames, and a scaly cloak. Looking forward to trying him out soon.

This is the first chaplain to join the ranks of my Salamanders. Painting the black armor was strangely a lot of fun. Has me seriously considering painting up a Deathwatch army.

Another fun-to-paint black-armored model. I tried getting a few different kinds of leather here with a lighter brown for the gloves andd a darker one for the coat.


Seems burning skeletons are in this fall.

Not a moment too soon. I have been waiting what seems like an eternity for a new Primaris Lieutenant. This one’s really cool though isn’t he? Definitely the best of the pack.

Fast Attack

What can I say? Love the models and they look like they’ll perform great on the table.


And the scaly cloak looks extra dynamic on the sergeant.


Speaking of dynamic this lot are really headed towards the action in a hurry. I’ve embellished them with bits from the Salamanders sprues. Getting off the old shoulder pads is a task. I mostly use clippers and shear off big chunks, then hide those rough edges under the new ones. I’d love to put the cool backpack torches on all the characters, but they only come two to a pack, so putting them on everybody gets a little expensive.

And in case anyone  wanted to see what they look like from the Salamander side of the table.

Other squad. Almost the same as the first squad, but this one has the other accessory sprue helmet.


These guys are the real stars from the set aren’t they? Cool shields, cool swords, cool halos…


And there are the smoldering skull shields, like the ones form the box that provided so much inspiration.

I saved the Salamanderiest of the lot for the end. No chapter is more excited about these new toys than the sons of Vulkan. I even upgraded them with the Aggressor shoulderpads.

I had to trim off the pouch and holster to get the cloak to fit but it was worth it.

Here’s the whole gang together.

~ Hope you enjoyed the Salamanders! Find me on Instagram (#t00mini) for what I’m up to day to day. I also have a blog: [email protected], but I don’t post there as much as I used to.


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