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Warhammer 40K: The Xenos Action Figures We Want

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Oct 14 2020

Okay McFarlane Toys, you have my attention with your new Action Figures. You’ve got Marines covered – now how about some Xenos to fight!

A “good guy” is only really tested when they have to fight an equally skilled “bad guy” and with the new Space Marine Action Figures from McFarlane, we need some better bad guys. Now, don’t get me wrong – the Necron Warrior is pretty good! But we all know that in a 1v1 fight, it doesn’t stand a chance against a Primaris Marine. It’s time to stretch our “heroes” a bit and pit them up against some real challenges in the form of some Xeno Action Figures!

Now, we already covered a few in a previous article. Those Xenos included Aspect Warriors, Ork Nobz, Genestealers, and Incubi. So we’re not going to include them on our list again. No, this time, we’re going to pick some BIGGER threats than just one Primaris Marine can handle.

Ork Meganobz


With bigger guns and better armor, these Orks would present a real challenge! Plus, they could be a larger model physically. I know McFarlane can make bigger action figures so why not go with some Meganobz!?


These Action Figures would be pretty impressive and could come with melee weapon options, too! Everyone loves having more weapon options right?

T’au Commander


Alright, picture this: An appropriately scaled T’au Commander suit that actually opens up and has a T’au Pilot inside! Sure, this would be an extra-sized kit, but that would pretty stinkin’ cool. I don’t even play T’au and that thought had me excited – and it would probably still be cheaper to buy than a Riptide model…just sayin’.


I’m fully aware that the Scale of the Carnifex has shifted quite a bit since their original inception. But hey, as long as we’re dreaming BIG let’s go with an iconic Tyranid unit, right? It was this one or a Hive Tyrant. Even if they were an upscaled Action Figure, I’d get one. Who am I kidding…I’d probably get 3. I have a problem.


You know, I wanted to go with BIGGER figures than a Primaris – but I think having a “small” enemy that packs a psychic punch would also work well. Plus, this is a cool model as and based on the Sister of Battle, I think McFarlane Toys could do a heckuva job converting this one over to the Action Figure Scale.


There are SO many more models that would make fantastic Action Figures from 40k – which Xenos ones do YOU want?


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