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Warhammer 40K: Unboxing The Necron’s Third Wave

5 Minute Read
Oct 19 2020

How big is the Monolith? What about the Void Dragon C’tan Shard? What’s in the Ophydian Destroyer’s box? Join us as we take a look!

The Necrons got a handful of new kits up for pre-order this weekend and we got our hands on them so we could show off what they look like – we were even able to build a few! Check them out:

Monolithic Proportions

Let’s start with the big one – the Monolith! This thing is a big ol’ hunk of plastic and it’s got some weight to it. I was able to build this kit in time to actually film it and it’s large and in charge.

The kit itself comes with a handful of sprues and it’s relatively simple to build. The trickiest parts were getting the weapons in the walls – but that just takes a little maneuvering when you get everything pre-assembled before you glue everything down.

As for the main assembly, my recommendation is to build the “Core” and the two sides first, get them painted, and then attach them. Otherwise, getting to a lot of the details inside the Monolith is going to be rough. Or you’re just going to have to deal with the fact that the insides are going to be unfinished.


Overall, it’s an amazing kit and it certainly has some new depth compared to the old model.

Stare Into the Void (Dragon)

If there was a model that could convince me to play Necrons, it would probably be the Silent King with the Void Dragon coming in a very close second. In fact, I’d even say the Void Dragon is the more approachable model of the two. While it did have two bits there more difficult to fit than other kits, the results speak for themselves. This model looks great and if you saw all that lightnight and thought “oh it’s probably super unstable” – it’s not. It’s actually VERY stable. I showcase that in the video with some good shakes. I also used plastic glue and let it set for 24 hours and that only adds to its stability.

My advice on this model is to just take your time and let the pieces settle before you start moving on to the next bit. You can assemble the body and the base separately and then attach them – so that will at least give you some time to allow your glue to set properly. The model’s basing also adds to that stability as it comes in 4 parts that come together. Having built Nagash and the Celestant Prime, I gotta say in terms of “floaty” models the C’tan Shard of the Void Dragon goes together the best and is the most stable.


Necron Dominion

Of all the kits from this wave. the Convergence of Dominion is BY FAR the easiest to build. It’s two sprues and they are copies of each other. You can literally clip, clean, and assemble this kit in 10 minutes.

This Sprue x 2

As model, it’s simple and chunky. At the same time it’s got a lot of details with the runes carved on the stone. While building it will be very simple, painting it will be a bit more challenging. In fact, I’d even go so far to say that it would be a neat way to mess around with color scheme of your Necrons if you haven’t already.

Between the metal and stone you’ve got different textures to work with. Plus the “power cores” provide the opportunity to mess with some OSL techniques. If you have an airbrush but aren’t 100% confident in your abilities, I think this would be a great model to practice on. Even if you’re not a Necron player, once you get it finished, these would make for some great terrain to have in your collection. They are big and tall and block line of sight – something we could all use more of in the current edition of 40k!


The Death Tunnellers

Ophydian Destroyers are the final kit from this Necron wave. They are a new mix of existing Necron units with some of the more “modern” themes from the army. What I mean is its like someone took the Canoptek Wraiths and the Flayed Ones and spliced them together. Then they injected a touch of Skorpekh Destroyer in the mix for fun. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to assembel these for the video but the sprues didn’t look too tough.

What interests me the most about this unit is that they are another Necron Close-Combat option. If you were looking to create an army that wanted to get up close and person, I think these would be a great addition. Plus they look kind of creepy and that’s probably the vibe GW was going for with these.

All of these models are now up for Pre-Order from Games Workshop. Wave III of the Necrons will be here in stores before you know it!


I may have to get myself a Void Dragon…


Author: Adam Harrison
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