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Age of Sigmar: Battleforce Pricing Breakdown 2020 Edition

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Nov 17 2020

With the new Age of Sigmar Battleforces on the way we’re taking a look at the boxes breaking down the MSRP value for each one.

Games Workshop announced that Battleforces are indeed coming soon. Unfortunately, we’re still not entirely sure when they will arrive or what the price points will be. However, we’re still going to calculate the MSRP of each of the boxes. We also know that last year had the Battleforces range in price between $170-$200 USD. Using that as a base line, we can at least compare that price range to these battleforces.

Disciples of Tzeentch Battleforce – Fatesworn Host

Lord of Change $140

Gaunt Summoner $30

Tzaangor Enlightened $48

Tzaangors $44

Kairic Acolytes $50

MSRP Total: $312


Kharadron Overlords Battleforce – Barak-Nar Skyfleet

Brokk Grungsson, Lord-Magnate of Barak-Nar $40

Arkanaut Frigate $80

Grundstok Gunhauler $50 x 2 = $100

Skywardens $44

Endrinriggers $44

MSRP Total: $308


Ogor Mawtribes Battleforce – Meatgrinder Warglutt

Ogor Mawtribes Tyrant $35

Ironblaster $35

Ogor Gluttons $48 x 2 = $96

Ironguts $40

Leadbelchers $40

Mancrusher Gargant (1) $62.50 

MSRP Total: $308.50

Gloomspite Gitz Battleforce – Fungal Loonhorde


Loonboss on Giant Cave Squig $35

Dankhold Troggoth $65

Rockgut Troggoths $60 x2 = $120

Squig Hoppers $50 x 1.5 = $75*

MSRP Total: $295*

*Note: Squig Hoppers/Boingrot Bounderz come in unit boxes of 10. There are 14 of them shown in the picture above. We’re not entirely sure what happened with the other 6 Squig Hoppers or if there was some type of sprue shortage. Our guess is that the other squigs ate them.

Overall, each box contains roughly $300 in miniatures. If the pricing stays the same as previous years and these are in the $170-$200 price range they are quite the deals! We’ll update this post once we learn of the retail pricing for each of theses boxes. We still don’t have a firm date on when these will be available but we will update when that info becomes available.

Personally, I was hoping for Death-Faction related Battleforce this year. But that’s okay – Death has time on their side. Pretty sure they can wait this one out.

Which battlebox are you most interested in? Let us know in the comments. Plus drop us a line on what you think the actual prices will be – closest without going over wins an internet cookie.


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