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Age of Sigmar: Four Battleforces Revealed

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Nov 16 2020

Well that didn’t take long. The four battleforces for Age of Sigmar have been announced. Check out what’s coming soon for the Holidays!

After Games Workshop broke the news about the 40k battleforces earlier, we knew the Age of Sigmar ones couldn’t be far behind. And they weren’t. The Mortal Realms are getting four battleforces and it’s looking like Destruction is swinging hard.

via Warhammer Community

Disciples of Tzeentch Battleforce – Fatesworn Host

Kharadron Overlords Battleforce – Barak-Nar Skyfleet

Ogor Mawtribes Battleforce – Meatgrinder Warglutt

Gloomspite Gitz Battleforce – Fungal Loonhorde

So those are the four Battleforces for Age of Sigmar. Notice anything missing this year? Namely, a battleforce for the Death Faction? Yeah…me too. While I’m glad to see Destruction getting some love, I’m not sure why GW opted for “only” four battleforces for AoS – and they didn’t even give one to each grand alliance. I wish we knew what they based the boxes off of. Most popular armies? Least popular? Unsold units from the warehouse? Most popular kits of the year? Popular tournament armies? You get the idea.

GW did say this about the selection at least:


“Each of these Battleforce boxes offers tremendous value, but more importantly, the contents have been selected to give a great mix of different unit types and a rewarding experience of collecting that army. This also makes them ideal gifts – sure to please every Warhammer fan. “

My guess is they probably had to take a hard look at what they could deliver this year due to all the other outlying factors. Maybe they did happen to have a bunch of leftover Tzeentch models and decided to make a battleforce out of that. Whatever the case, these all look like pretty good starting points for whichever army you’d want to play.

Unfortunately, we still don’t have any firm pricing details or even a release date yet. While two of them did show up in the Warhammer Community video about next week’s releases, they didn’t include them in the post with pictures like GW normally does. They also confirmed this in their announcement article:

“We can’t say yet when they’ll be available to order, so keep an eye out for more information as we get nearer the holidays.”

At this point, we’re all going to have to wait. I’m curious if these are going to be available in retail this year or if they are going to be online only. I doubt GW would do that, but 2020 has been a wacky year so I’m not ruling that out. At least now folks can finally fill out their Aether War armies with two of these Battleforces, right!?


Which battleforce box are you most interested in?

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