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Age of Sigmar: Shadow & Pain Pricing Breakdown

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Nov 5 2020

We know what’s in the box – but is it worth the price of admission? Check out our pricing breakdown of Shadow & Pain!

The pricing for the new Age of Sigmar box came out from retailers. Clocking in a $170 USD, it seems like a pretty reasonable price. But just what is the dollar value you’re getting out of this box? Let’s crunch some numbers and find out.


Let’s kick things off with the Slaaneshi Units

The Disciples of Gestharyx


Lord of Pain = $34 (based on the price of The Masque)

Hellstriders of Slaanesh x 2 = $66


Daemonettes of Slaanesh = $36

Seeker Chariot of Slaanesh = $29.75

Total Slaaneshi Forces estimated MSRP$165.75

If the pricing for the Character is close to that price point, the Slaaneshi models alone are right at the price point of the box. This is looking pretty good so far. Now onto the Daughters of Khaine.

Tyralla’s Scáthcoven

So this is a little weird. the DoK don’t really have any clam packs for their heroes. That said, we’re going to a price based on the Stormcast Eternals heroes because their base sizes are similar and they are also from the Order Faction.

Melusai Ironscale = $35 (based on a Lord Ordinator)


Khinerai Heartrenders = $53

Melusai Blood Sisters x 2 = $108

Daughters of Khaine estimated MSRP Total: $196

So yes, the Daughters of Khaine half of the box is more expensive than the Slaaneshi half – but either way you’re getting a heck of a deal!

Estimated MSRP Box Total: $361.75

That also doesn’t count the warscroll cards, rules, or tokens. So yes, at $170 this is a pretty great deal for anyone looking to start either or both of these armies. I’d contact your FLGS about pre-ordering one if you are wanting a copy. I have a funny feeling this one will be selling fast.


What do you think of the Shadow and Pain Boxed Set? What two forces would you like to see squared off in the future?


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