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Age of Sigmar: We Need New Seraphon Now

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Nov 11 2020

Blood Bowl has the best Seraphon models and it’s about time Age of Sigmar got them.

Alright GW, we need to talk. What’s up with the Lizards in Blood Bowl looking so awesome while the Saurus of the Seraphon in Age of Sigmar are starting to look down right dated? I was willing to let this all slide when you released the Lizardmen Blood Bowl team although I did take notice. “Just look at those models – GW has to be cooking up something for the Seraphon, right?” I thought to myself…

The Saurus in this kit were dynamic and BIG and scaly. The extras for the Blood Bowl Team also looked great! The pitch and dice are some of my favorite so far. Looking at all those things together, I figured that there were bound to be some more new Seraphon models on the way. And they need them, too.

This needed to happen months ago.

Plus, at the time, the Seraphon were going to get a new book plus their Magic Temple Terrain Kit…things were looking up for the Cold-Blooded Saurus warriors. But then…nothing. Don’t get me wrong, the latest codex for them is great and all and the terrain kit is appreciated but I know I was really wanting some cool looking new front-line fighters.

Oh well, maybe next time.” I thought to myself. I set those feelings of disappointment aside – and I don’t even play Seraphon. Time went on and new shiny plastic kits came out and I had all but forgotten about updated Saurus Warriors I never knew I wanted. And then on this Sunday GW went and poked that old scab with this model:


Hold the phone. Y’all made a bad ass Zoat model for Blood Bowl and we still don’t have updated Saurus Warriors for the Seraphon in Age of Sigmar?! It’s a ZOAT. That’s basically a Space Lizard! The Seraphon are now SPACE LIZARDS!!! What the heck is going on here, GW? I want answers! I was willing to let the Blackstone Fortress Zoat slide because it 40k and it’s basically a one-off. And I understand that is also a star player and Forge World is technically producing this model. But c’mon!!

This is just salt on the wound for Seraphon players. First you tease them with awesome Saurus from Blood Bowl, dangle a new Battletome in front of them and then go silent on them for months. Now you taunt them with another awesome Space Lizard – this time from Forge World – and they STILL don’t have an new Saurus Warriors? That’s just…cold-blooded.

Even the Art got updated!


The only new models that we know are coming are for Warhammer Underworlds. We had the Skink confirmed:


And we’ve gotten that Rumor Engine teased:

So at least there is some hope…But will those hopes be dashed once again? Time will tell. At least we know that GW can do these lizards justice whenever they DO get a new iteration. I can’t wait to see it!


Who doesn’t appreciate cool dinosaurs?!

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