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Goatboy’s 40K Hobby: SPACE GOOOOATTTSSS!!!

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Nov 24 2020

There is nothing like a Codex update and being locked down with kids, to bring back the army I had the most success with.  Meet the surliest of the Emperor’s servants – the Space Goats.

If you’ve been reading my nonsense for awhile you know I was once the poster boy for the “Counts as” movement that took 40k by storm in the 4-5th edition era.  A weak CSM codex followed by the release of the Space Wolf Thunderwolves without a true official model meant that a lot of players – myself included – looked to making giant waves of Juggernaut riding idiots to take the tabletop.  I decided to go a step further and just fully create an army based on my web/art persona – the Space Goats!

The basics of the army is that back in the day when you bought a Beastman box – you got both sets of heads for the regular Gors and Ungors.  This meant you had a crap ton of heads to mess with and a lot of Beastmen players had a ton of them to give me.  Thus I glued a crap ton on whatever Space Marine bodies I could find, threw some on old Juggernaut riders, used some Chaos Hounds, and had the first iteration of nonsense death stars.  This wasn’t no Catachan riding a turtle mind you – this was the same size monster running around with a wild and wooly Space Goat on top.  Heck, I took this army to a win to Adepticon back in the day.  Got a Giant friggin hammer for my destruction derby as well as missing a chance to represent team America due to the nature of not really being able to afford to go.  But alas – that was back in the day and these goats got thrown in a box once squads of Thunder Wolves went out of style and instead it was usually just some characters, Iron priests, and icky combos with Raven Guard command squads.

Thankfully the new Space Wolves book fixed some things up and I can play them again!  This means I need to paint some new ones as these old ones were – well old.  I used some of them with some weapon swaps – but for the most part I wanted to rework them again.  Here are the few new ones I have started – with another squad of 5 in the works and a few other fun options.

Meet the New Primaris Goats

On deck in the coming weeks in-between client work are more Assault Goat Intercessors, another 5 man squad of  Thunder Goats, and maybe some Goat Infiltrators.

The current army build only has one unit of these for a Patrol but I might add others if I want more Characters on Juggers.  It sorta depends on how I want to roll this all out.  Lord, I hope to get some games next year with these guys.


This is my Primaris Chaplain on bike – because if you want to assault fast you need one of these.

This is my Canis as he has some Gnarly chainsword/axe things.  All my characters are on different Jugger things from the Slaves of Darkness Chariot kit.

I really like the look of Power Klaws on these guys and I don’t know why I never did it before on my old ones.  I think it was due to the fact that Powerfists were not nearly as good as Thunder Hammers – but I am not sure.  I do have a 5 man Thunder Hammer Squad that was 4 older Space Goats with one new one painted.

So what should the Space Goats get next? Goat Dreads, or Goat-grav-tanks?


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