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GW Next Week – Battle For Helm’s Deep Rerelease, Warhammer Preview

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Nov 15 2020

Next week, Games Workshop is re-releasing some of their older Middle-earth boxes, and next week the Battle of Helm’s Deep is back.

The Lord of the Rings movies have stuck in my mind as a kind of holiday movie. Maybe there’s something about the expansive wilderness and scenes of ice and snow that litter Fellowship, or just the fact that they all released at the end of the year, but it feels like the time of winter is the time to think of Middle-earth. Which is precisely what Games Workshop is doing with the re-release of some of their older Middle-earth kits.

via Warhammer Community

This week, there aren’t any new pre-order kits, owing to the fact that much of the world is once again going on lockdown. Which is an ominous start to the winter, but better safe than sorry–and while there aren’t any new kits, Games Workshop is re-releasing kits to revisit the Battle of Helm’s Deep.

For players commanding Good Armies, they’ve re-released Legloas Mounted with Bow, Théoden from Warg Attack, Gamling from Warg Attack, Gimli on Dead Uruk-hai, Gimli on Dead Uruk-hai, Ent, Haldir’s Elves with Bows, Haldir’s Elves with Swords, and the Heroes of Helms Deep.


And for commanders of Evil armies, Uruk-hai Scouts, Warg Riders, and the Uruk-hai Battering Ram.


Next Saturday will also be another Warhammer Preview Online, so be sure to tune in to see what’s new in the various worlds of Warhammer. We’ll be covering it as it unfolds live.

See you next weekend

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