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Painted Oathmark Elf Light Infantry – Rangers Showcase

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Nov 6 2020

Like Rangers? How about Elves or Assassins? Well, in this post we are going to take a look at some new Oathmark Elf Light Infantry models painted as just that.

North Star Military Figures makes these miniatures for Osprey Games newest Mass Combat game – Oathmark. You may have already seen the review of these Elf Miniatures here on Bell of Lost Souls. Now, we admire how they look when a real expert paints them.

I made these miniatures up as Rangers and handed them to a talented individual to see how they would come back once painted. Today’s painter happens to be Les Mandeville of Underground Painter’s Desk. He is a commission painter and I think you will agree that his Oathmark Elf Rangers look fantastic!

The Painted Miniatures

This Elf Ranger looks absolutely amazing! I love it! He has a helmet along with a face covering. Such an awesome miniature with a great paint scheme.


A Ranger with his sword drawn. This time, a hood with a face covering. I think that it is pretty cool that a large number of these minis come with the option of putting a face covering on them – if you want. I gave it to them to give them more of an assassian feel.

The back of the figure.

Bow drawn. These miniatures look great and come 30 to a box.

Overall, these are some fantastically well-painted miniatures. What do you think?

Wrapping it up…

Thank you for checking out these pictures with me. Les did some excellent work with these paint jobs. I gave him free rein to paint and base them however he pleased. Regardless, he painted a demo mini, sent a picture, and asked if I wanted the rest painted the same way. I instantly said yes. A nice touch. It seems simple, but not all commission painters I worked with sent me a picture to ensure I was happy with the colour scheme.

If you are interested in getting in touch with Les, he works out of Underground Painter’s Desk in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. A big thank you goes out to him for painting these models up for me. He painted ten of them, so this post is a small sample of his work. I have more images of them on my personal site and a section showcasing more of Les Mandeville’s work.

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