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Star Wars: Armada – Galactic Republic Fleet Starter Preview

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Nov 10 2020

The Republic strikes back with a brand new preview of the upcoming Fleet Starter!

Fire up your engines and get ready for lightspeed. It’s a new Galactic Republic Fleet Starter and it’s coming soon from Fantasy Flight Games. Today, we’re getting a preview of the rules for the ships in this fleet. So let’s dive in!

via Fantasy Flight Games


“The Republic may not be able to match the sheer numbers of Separatist fleets, but what it lacks in numbers, it more than makes up for in skill and experience. Unlike opposing Separatist ships manned by expendable droids, Republic warships are commanded and crewed by Jedi, clones, and other personnel from across the Republic all united to defend the cause. As a result, Republic fleets are characterized by a sense of cooperation and synergy between ships and their crews. “

The Leaders of the Republic

Let’s start by taking a look at the commanders available for the Republic’s Fleet Starter. As of right now, we’ve got two previews – Obi-Wan Kenobi and Bail Organa.

Obi-Wan allows for a friendly defending ship to reduce some damage. That might not seem like much but that can save you a lot of potential damage over the course of a game! And he’s only 28 points, too.


Bail Organa is a little bit trickier. You can discard tokens to give additional command dials to friendly ships. That can allow you to pull off some last minute shifts in your battleplans.

The Ships

We’re going to kick things off with the Acclamator-class Assault ship. This is the proto-star destroyer and well…let’s just take a look shall we?

Obviously based on their design, they are going to generate the most firepower to the forward arc. If you like your Star Destroyers, this big space boat is going to feel similar. You can also upgrade them to have various ship titles, like the Nevoota Bee:

Their is also the Implacable as well:


Both ships pack a respectable amount of firepower – but it’s the Acclamator II that has the most dice worth of firepower. The good news is that both of these ships can also take a bunch of various upgrades to up their options (and mostly their firepower).

And if you’re looking for more Clone Support – check out Clone Captain Zak:

Launch Fighters!

Obviously there are a few other ships that will by flying in the Clone Fleet. For now, we’re going to wrap up with the squadrons of fighters. In this case, it’s the V-19 Torrent Squadrons:


With the added scout move and their deadly swarm ability, the V-19 Torrent Squadrons will be all over the enemy before they know it! And they even have an Ace wing leader, too:

The new Republic Starter Fleet will be arriving in stores on December 4th! So pre-order your copies today.

Galactic Republic Fleet Starter $99.95


War! The ancient Jedi Order has taken to the stars to defend the Galactic Republic. As the threat of the Separatist Alliance spreads, leaving plundered worlds and petty tyrants in its wake, the Republic fleet is often outnumbered, but never outmatched. Guided by the ideals of the Republic, commanding legions of dedicated Clone Troopers, and equipped with versatile warships and elite starfighters, champions such as Obi-Wan Kenobi and Bail Organa fight to bring a swift end to the chaos of the Clone Wars and restore peace to the galaxy.

This Fleet Starter lays the foundation for your Galactic Republic fleets by putting you in command of a mighty Acclamator-class Assault ship and two powerful Consular-class Cruiser miniatures. These ships are joined by  four squadrons of V-19 Torrent Starfighters flown by crack clone pilots ready to defend the fleet. Additionally, 20 upgrade cards invite you to customize every aspect of your ships with iconic officers and powerful weapons.  

No matter how you decide to outfit your fleet, the Galactic Republic Fleet Starter is an excellent place to begin building your Star Wars: Armada collection. You’ll find all the components necessary to begin playing within this set, including nine attack dice, 10 command dials, eight speed dials, 12 objective cards, six obstacle tokens, a range ruler, and a maneuver tool. Assemble your fleet and destroy the enemy!



Send in the clones…

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