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ToyLand: This ‘They Live’ Alien Wants to Spin Right Round, Right Round

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Nov 6 2020

Consume! Obey! Buy him for your turntable!

John Carpenter is a master at using what scares us to make a deeper point about the world around us. They Live uses a fun, action-filled sci-fi premise of a secret ruling class of aliens to dig into consumerism and commercialism. Consumerism and commercialism you can take a part in with this new bust from Waxwork Records.

The Spinatures line is a series of busts that mount on the spindle of a turntable for some added fun. They’re lightweight and balanced so they don’t affect playback at all. They also make great display pieces if you’re not a vinyl fan – just the right size for desks and bookshelves. The price point is also really affordable for something with this kind of detail.


They Live Politician Spinature$24.00

Waxwork is proud to present our official THEY LIVE Politician Spinature. From John Carpenter’s 1988 classic horror film, the politician alien comes packaged in a double window collector’s box with new artwork by Robert Sammelin.

  • Collectible stands approximately 4″ tall
  • Ships to the United States & Canada only
  • Ships February 2021


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