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Warhammer 40K: The Astartes Project Shows Off New Trailer

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Nov 9 2020

It looks like a new trailer for the Astartes Project has been spotted in the wild, showing off more chapters, more action, and more Astartes than ever.

That’s right folks, Syama Pederson, creator of the legendary 40K fan-animation, Astartes, is back at it again, with a brand new teaser trailer on Patreon which showcases a blistering barrage of new action in an upcoming multi-part series. And, from what we’ve seen, the new chapter is getting bigger and better. The video was accessible to Pederson’s Patreon, which you can find linked below.

If you missed out on it, there are tons of videos analyzing the footage, some of which you’ll see above and below. Because this looks fairly exciting. Above we can see the Storm Giants, successors of the Salamanders. And interestingly enough, it seems like there are a ton of successor chapters featured in the short teaser, with the Angels Sanguine, the Revilers, and Flesh-Tearers.

There’s so much detail packed into sixteen seconds of footage. Do you want to see a devastator marine our there, laying waste with a heavy bolter? They’ve got you covered. What about a fight between a doomed squad of Astartes against a swarm of Tyranids? That’s in there too.

And of course, there are Orks for days. Or at least for about two seconds, as they brawl with a marine on a planet that looks exceedingly red.


Now the quality and the details packed into every frame is incredible. Each little vignette tells a story. If you watch the trailer, you’ll find so much unfolding–like the doomed marines. One has their arm in tatters, and is fighting with a deactivated power sword.

While his other squadmate in the back is wounded and resting near what looks to be a melta charge. So, we’re in last-stand territory. And our marine who has been in a discussion with some orks–well you can clearly see the dings and dents of many a boyz’ choppa on his armor. One wonders what kinds of stories we’ll see unfolding over the next few months. Per Pederson’s Patreon, there are big plans in the works. So when you get a chance, why not head over and see for yourself.

Check out the Astartes Patreon

Hello! I am the artist behind Astartes, a series of short Warhammer 40,000 fan-films. I have created this page for anyone who would like to support me in creating more content for the project. Any support means less time I have to spend working for others and more time spent on Astartes!

I am long time fan of the Warhammer 40K universe and have always wanted to try and bring it to life as a CGI animation. I am striving for quality over quantity and I hope this shows in the work.

Patrons will have access to behind the scenes previews of work, polls to influence creative decisions and Q&A’s.

We’ll keep you updated whenever the next chapter in this project drops, so be sure and stay tuned for more!


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