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AoS: 3 Awesome Things About Bringers of Death

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Dec 20 2020

What is dead may never die, but it can be taken out of action…

Warcry saw a lot of big updates with the release of the four Grand Alliance tomes, and lots of warbands got some much needed clarity (and a few buffs or nerfs as needed). But one faction that still doesn’t seem to be gaining much traction is the Bringers of Death, and that’s a shame to me, because they have some awesome stuff hidden away in their book. So, here’s three reasons why you should give Death another look when you’re putting together a Warcry warband.

Death Thralls

Bringing in monstrous beasts isn’t just the purview of Chaos anymore, and Death gets some pretty gnarly ones in the Bat Swarm, Dire Wolf, and Fell Bat. They’re all lightning fast, and come with some pretty awesome special abilities to balance out their slightly mediocre attack stats. On double, the Bat Swarm can use the Blood Suckers ability, which deals d6 damage to a fighter within 1” and heals the Swarm for the same amount, and the Dire Wolf can use Slavering Charge, which allows it to make a bonus move action to move towards an enemy within 6”. The Fell Bat needs a triple, but the Scent of Gore ability allows it to unleash another round of attacks on a nearby enemy with at least 5 damage dealt to it, potentially bringing down a powerful target. Adding these in might not make much of an impact initially, but you can add them in as you progress through a campaign to get the edge over your opponents.


If you want a solid, fast moving assault list, the updated Nighthaunt are definitely worth a look. The whole army can fly, their fairly resilient between high toughness and an army wide double that lets them reduce the strength of enemy attacks, and they can hit decently hard. Hexwraiths, Hellwraiths, and Spirit Hosts in particular are nasty thanks to the Frightful Touch triple ability that allows them to treat all their attacks as Crits for a single activation(Spirit Hosts especially thanks to their 6 attacks). And on top off all that, should you bring along a Guardian of Souls, you can heal your fighters or even bring them back from the dead with a triple. If you want to unleash ghastly wrath on your opponents, put together a warband of these guys.

Challenge Battles


As with all armies, the Death warbands can embark on a number of Challenge quests during a campaign for a plethora of cool rewards. They can get weapons to up their power, once per battle artefacts that let them resurrect their allies or shut down their enemies, or even add a Zombie Dragon or Terrorgheist to their warband! If you’re playing a campaign, this can be a huge advantage, if your willing to risk the territory, and will definitely help both you and your temporary ally in the group challenges from ToC2020. Nothing shakes things up like a Nighthaunt army unleashing a Dragon on their foe.

Will you be giving Death a try?

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