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Adeptus Titanicus: New Warmaster Heavy Titan Reveal

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Jan 23 2021

Did you think the Warlord Titan was big? Say hello to the new boss. It’s the Warmaster Heavy Titan!

Move over Warlord Titans. The new Warmaster Heavy Titan is here to take your title for the largest Warhammer Titan in Adeptus Titanicus:

The New Boss


Packing an armament that will make an entire maniple jealous, the new Warmaster Heavy Titan is a beast unto itself. It’s got freakin’ Lascannons in it’s freakin’ knees man!

It’s BIG. The Warlord Titan was already a fairly massive model but the Warmaster stands above even that!

It’s a truly impressive model and perfect for even larger engagements in Adeptus Titanicus.


More Books For Titanicus

Games Workshop isn’t done with Adeptus Titanicus either – there are more books coming out for the game.

Loyalist Legios is for – you guessed it – loyalist legions of Titans. This book will have a ton of new rules and info for all the loyalist players out there. Perfect for expanding your legions. And you can probably guess there are plans for a not-so loyalist book in the future, too…


Did they really need to add in the “Heavy” for the Warmaster Heavy Titan. It’s kinda obvious…

Author: Adam Harrison
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