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Age of Sigmar Breaking: Lumineth Kangaroo Cav Sighted!

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Jan 18

Hop to it! This is maybe the weirdest way for Lumineth Aelves to move about the battlefield and I am here for it! Take a look.

This image is doing the rounds on Facebook AoS Groups and several forums. That certainly looks like Lumineth cavalry to me riding… WHAT! It’s a Kangaroo, with armor. Fancy Aelf armor. It looks like the name starts with “HUR”

UPDATE: GW Releases Offical Pics of the Model Here

So we know that in the Mortal Realms horses are last year’s news, but this is really something! I have to say I’m impressed. Just think, these guys are going to facing off against the shark riders, and the squig hopping riders, and the Fiend riders.  If the future Dark Elves aren’t riding ostriches or capybaras, I am going to be inconsolable.

We have no idea if this is part of the Weekend Reveal Seminar, or is totally unrelated.

Who wore it better?

Have at it friends!


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