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Age of Sigmar: Gang Warfare – New Warcry Units in Age of Sigmar

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Jan 27

Just because a unit thrives in the Eightpoints doesn’t mean it isn’t amazing in battle as well.

Catacombs has been out for a while, and the included warbands came out separately at the end of last year, meaning we got a glimpse into how they’ll perform in a larger army. With the recent Morathi FAQ and a new Daughters 0f Khaine battletome on the horizon, it’s likely the Shadowstalkers and Scions will see a lot more play in larger games of Age of Sigmar. But what role will they fulfill in such forces, and how will they fare on the battlefield? Well, here’s my quick and dirty review of their AoS stats, and how I expect the Warbands will handle as a unit rather than a warband.

Scions of the Flame

As benefits a unit devoted to fire and spreading it around, the Scions dish out a lot of attacks, making them great for dealing with hordes of lightly armored foes or small units of skirmishers. They are all equipped with hand weapons and pots of flaming oil, and whenever any of them roll an unmodified 6 to hit with their pots, they dish out 2 hits rather than just 1. So long as you have your Inferno Priest, you’ll get to re-roll any hit rolls of 1 with said pots, so make sure to protect her for as long as you can.

The Scions are no slouch in melee either, and since their pots are a thrown weapon with an 8″ range, you’ll already be in charge range anyway, so you might as well charge to finish clearing out your initial target. Both the Blazing Lord and Immolator get an extra attack with their melee weapons, and in an Idolators army, you’ll get to change your lowest charge die to a 6. In that case, consider giving your Scions the Mark of Khorne so that you can re-roll melee hit rolls.

Khainite Shadowstalkers

The ultimate assassins and skirmishers, these aelves fit the iconic light, fast, and hard-hitting motif of the Daughters of Khaine. They all come with Assassin’s Blades, which give them 2 attacks each, and Cursed Missiles, which give them a single 6″ missile weapon that can dish out a mortal wound on an unmodified 6 to hit. The exception to this is the single Shadow Queen you are allowed to include.

She swaps her Assassin’s Blades for Umbral Blades that give her an extra attack, a better chance to hit, a point of Rend, and d3 damage rather than just 1 (oh, and she gets to keep her Cursed Missiles, too). On top of all that, the whole unit can give up their movement to teleport anywhere on the battlefield outside 9″ of enemy units, even out of combat, and melee weapons suffer -1 to hit them. If you need a good, cheap clean up squad, these are the killers for you.

Will you be including the Scions or the Shadowstalkers in your army?


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