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AoS: Hero Rebound – 5 Warhammer Heroes I’d Love to See in AoS

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Jan 17

Warhammer was always a game of Heroes, and GW would do well to bring us more.

With the return of both Gotrek and Sigvald, we now know that beings of considerable power or influence with their respective faction can pass through the veil dividing the Old World and the Realms to be reborn as mighty champions. While we’ve gotten some really awesome ones so far, I definitely think there’s room for several more, and the fantasy setting is perfect for mighty heroes of the past to duel as their armies clash around them. So here’s my pick for 5 heroes that would make a splash if they came back to the Realms to lead armies into battle.


Now that Morathi has ascended to godhood, having the truest devotee of Khaine rise as a DoK leader, and having a suped-up priest with a unique prayer would be awesome too. Given her history with Morathi, it would make sense that she could bring her back and lord her power over her, or maybe that Malerion would bring her back to spite his mother’s rise.


We have half of the mighty hero duo; why not bring in the plucky human companion of the mighty Slayer Gotrek? While we do know Felix is dead since Gotrek has seen him through the Realm portal and now wears his pauldron, it could be interesting to see him rise as a Stormcast and might entice Gotrek to ally himself fully with Sigmar.

Karl Franz


While rumors abound that Franz is the Celestant Prime, either a confirmation of that or a version of him as a Lord Celestant would be an awesome addition to the army. Unfortunately, Stormcast is already a bit of a bloated line, so it’s not likely, but if Space Marines are anything to go by, it isn’t outside the realm of possibility.

Alith Anar

Admittedly, I have no idea where the Shadow King would fit in the current army rotation, but it would still be awesome to see him raining down arrows from afar or jumping in and out of the shadows to take out enemy leaders. Maybe if Malerion or Tyrion can bring them into their newly forged armies, but only time will tell.

Malus Darkblade


The Malus series of books is one of my all-time favorites in the Warhammer canon, and he was always an awesome character on and off the tabletop. Now that Slaanesh is released, it stands to reason that Malus would want to bring in a general with experience dealing with daemons, and he would be the perfect candidate to lead a newly forged army of shadows against the encroaching Chaos and Death threats.

What hero would you like to see remade?

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