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Warhammer 40K: Death Guard Power Rating Point Drops

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Jan 13 2021

The Death Guard received a few Power Rating Point Drops in the most recent FAQ. What does that tell us for the upcoming codex?

Originally slated for a release last year, the Death Guard codex got pushed back. And now the FAQ came out and the Death Guard got a Power Rating adjustment. If you put two and two together you get a pretty good signal that Death Guard Power Rating changes mean a points change is coming. Let’s take a closer look at some of those shifts – not all are points drops, but many of them are.

*Note: We’re comparing them to the current print Codex Power Ratings

Download the Power Rating Changes HERE



Plague Marines could end up being big winners when we get a new codex. With a Power Rating drop making them cheaper along with many of the buffs that marines go overall, they are poised to be a pretty strong contender for your Troop slots. Sure, disgusting Resilient got changed, but their lethality also increased and they are still one of the toughest troops out there.


Both the Blightlord Terminators and the Deathshroud Terminators look like they got a pretty massive Power Rating drop (comparatively). Now could be a great time to stock up on these walking tanks.

We also saw the Deathshroud get some other buffs plus a big one in the form of their Manreapers getting alternate attack options. Now a Power Rating change (which probably means a points decrease) could make them a viable and point efficient option. I’m looking forward to seeing the final points total for both of these terminator options.


Chaos Spawn for a single Power Rating per model seems like a steal. They are a little unpredictable, but that’s kind of the point. Each one is a ball of toughness 5 wounds that won’t go down without a fight. If they get an other buffs to their unit stats or options in the new codex, they will totally be a unit to look out for as a budget Fast Attack Slot (if you need it).

I’m also looking forward to what GW has done with the Myphitic Blight-haulers. Making them base BS 3+ means they could be a great option and when you slap a points decrease in the mix, well, you get the idea.

You might not need too many filler Fast Attack options because both the Foetid Bloat-drone and the Myphitic Blight-haulers have received Power Ratings drop as well. Bloat-drones were already looking pretty spicy. Combined with all the other changes that the Daemon Engines are getting the Fast Attack slot is looking pretty competitive.

Two classic units that are also looking more Power Rating efficient are the Defiler and the Land Raider. Again, with Daemon Engines getting a stat bump, these units might actually be worth dusting off and bringing to the tabletop once again. I’ve kind of missed seeing Defilers stomp around the board.


And now with their better stat block, they just might be worth fielding once again!

Now, are these Power Rating drops guaranteed points reductions? Not necessarily – but it’s a good indicator that GW has slashed those points in the new Codex. After all, GW has had the Codex finished since last year but COVID caused the delay. So that means they’ve known the new points since before the Power Rating FAQ came out last week. Why would they print out a Power Rating change if they didn’t match the upcoming codex? That would just sow some extra and unnecessary confusion.

No Points Drop For Morty. He Got Too Many Buffs.




What do you think of the Death Guard Power Rating Point Drops? Are we going to see much cheaper Plague Marines and Terminators on the tabletop?

Author: Adam Harrison
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