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Goatboy’s Warhammer 40K: Morty the Wrecking Ball

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Jan 21

Goatboy here and my first list for the Death Guard is all about board control and swing around Mortarion, the wrecking ball.

The brand new army should have enough CP to put him into reserves if needed – but also have enough bodies to just control the middle as needed.  The idea here is to utilize as many boxes of gross things to push forward and get mixed into the game a bit.  With that let’s start.

The new set up for Mortarion means he needs fewer pieces around him to survive.  He lost his bodyguard but got a plethora of Warlord traits and other protective gear to at least allow him to survive the damage that usually comes at him.  The rest of the army is more set up to spread out, have a chance to throw out some firepower as needed, and get the job done.  I think there is a pretty good reason to take a lot of Plague Marines and thus why it is set up this way.

Morty’s Wrecking Ball

Supreme Command Detachment – 0CP
Mortarion – Psychic – Miasma of Pestilence, Curse of the Leper, Gift of Plagues, Warlord – 490pts

Death Guard Patrol – -2CP
Plague Company – Mortarion’s Anvil

Lord of Virulence – Vicious Death – 130pts

Foetid Virion
Foul Blightspawn – Relic (-1CP) – Revolting Stench-Vats, Virulent Fever – 95pts
Tallyman – Relic – Tollkeeper – 70pts
Plague Surgeon – Relic (-1CP) Fugaris Helm- 75pts
Blightlord Terminators X 7 – Combi-Bolter/Balesword X 6, Flail – 285pts

Plague Marines X 7 – Bolter/Plague Knife X 7 – 147pts
Plague Marines X 7 – Bolter/Plague Knife X 7 – 147pts
Pox Walkers X 20 – 100pts


Foetid Bloat Drone – Fleshmower – 135pts
Foetid Bloat Drone – Fleshmower – 135pts

-Dedicated Transport-
Rhino – Combi Bolter X 2 – 85pts
Rhino – Combi Bolter X 2 – 85pts

PTS: 1979 CP: +8

Tactical Morty

The idea here is you have a lot of fairly fast bodies that can get out there and control the middle. Push things out and then you have the Terminators drop in, control the center and you just hopefully hold enough to win the game.  The other pieces can run around, control things, and then maybe knock out some business as needed.  I tried to keep numbers in the 7 too as it looks more Nurgle-like in my mind.  The HQ limitations make it hard as I really want to add a cruise missile Daemon prince – but we might end up doing that for this Daemon Engine build I have in mind.  Until next week.

Next time around I will look at a Majority Daemon engine build.


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