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Hypnotizing CNC Carving Creates a Beautiful Wooden Samurai

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Jan 29 2021

Wood is a versatile medium – it can be part of everything from chopsticks to furniture to amazing works of art like this custom cutting board.

This is a case of two artists using two different mediums to create great art. The detailed cutting board, created by Brother in Wood, is based on a coin by Aleksey Saburov, one of the best-known coin artists out there. 


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I’ve mainly featured hand carving or lathe work when it comes to woodwork. This uses a computer numerical control machine that controls a series of router bits to create the pieces – the creation combines tech and old school skills. The final board is 24 x 17 x 3 inches and it is made of walnut, maple, Osage orange, dark cherry, and light cherry woods with custom staining and finishing. The result is gorgeous and the video of it being made is pretty dang relaxing to watch.



Author: Mars Garrett
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