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Warhammer 40,000: Bladeguard Veterans – A Closer Look

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Jan 22

Games Workshop is giving us all a closer look at the new Bladeguard Veterans boxed set.

If you’ve been waiting for the boxed set for the Bladeguard Veterans then we’ve got some promising updates from Games Workshop. They are currently showing off those miniature which means they are probably on the way to pre-order very soon. How soon? How about January 30th! That’s great news for folks who are wanting to expand those units, add more, or just want variations of these potent melee specialists. Let’s take a closer look at the new Bladeguard Veterans!

via Warhammer Community

The Sprues


As you can see we are getting a set of sprues that provide a TON of pose options. In fact, there are way more bits than you need to build three Bladeguard Veterans. That means you’ll have extra bits for days with this kit. Perfect for creating unique other characters or unit upgrades (like a Sergeant or Champion) for your other Primars Space Marine units. Looking to spice up an Intercessor Sergeant with a fancy Power Sword? Well, get ready to mix-and-match from these sprues! We’re counting 8 arms with Power Swords are the ready – that’s not counting ones in scabbards.

In terms of Storm Shields, it looks like there will be three included. However, it also appears you can pose them in some different ways. Let’s take a look at some of the poses that Games Workshop has come up with.


Multi-Pose Magic

Here is your classic “Sword and Board” style for the Bladeguard. This one is very clearly invocative of a classic knight from the Middle Ages…if that Knight was wearing high-tech armor and had a sword and shield that could generate power fields. You know what I mean. It’s a classic pose and looks great!

Here we have the “no hands” option which is a new look for the Bladeguard. It’s kinda cool that GW designed these miniatures to be able to strap their Storm Shields to their backs – and yes, you and that that for all 3 shields if you so choose.


Even if you don’t end up doing that with the shields it’s still a nice touch. It also alludes to how the Bladeguard can carry a gun, a sword, and a shield and use all three in combat.



Here we have some new poses that I personally quite like. The “Pointy Vet” and the “Lemme Clean My Sword Vet” are both pretty characterfully miniatures. I’m a little concerned about the veteran cleaning their blade with a chaos flag (pretty sure that’s some sort of Heresy). But hey, at least he’s mean-mugging while he does it. Speaking of their faces, these sprues also come with quite a few head options. Again, that’s a great way to spruce up some of your other HQ/Character/Squad Leaders options.

Speaking of options – the Sergeant in the squad also has access a variety of side arms. And now, with this kit, you actually be able to equip them all:

So if you want a neo-volkite pistol or plasma pistol (or if you just want to keep the heavy bolt pistol) you can do just that!

These new Bladeguard models are great looking and have a TON of extra options. The box is designed for building 3 so get ready for a bits blitz of new options to upgrade the rest of your Primaris Space Marines.


Pre-orders for the Bladeguard Veterans start on January 30th!


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