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Warhammer 40K: Death Guard Custom Crusade Plagues

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Jan 15 2021

The Death Guard are getting custom Crusade plagues – come see what Papa Nurgle has been cooking up for them!

We got a hint about the custom Crusade plagues that the Death Guard would be receiving before. Today, we’re getting a closer look at how they work and what you’ll be able to do with your Crusade armies.

via Warhammer Community

“…armies of the XIV Legion will now be able to generate their own custom brand of contagion to spread throughout their campaigns. Your army’s plague is split into three parts:”

“Although each of these three are randomly determined at the start of your Crusade, opportunities to customise it and re-roll parts of your choice are earned by obtaining Virulence points and spending them on the new Virulent Adaptations requisition. “

Crusade Plague Breakdown

Basically, at the start of your Crusade (or when you first start building out your Crusade list) you’re going to roll randomly for three different effects: Vector, Infection, Terminus. Vector is how the plague spreads. Infection is the actual effect of the plague (typically a negative impact on the unit). And Terminus is how the plague stops or ends (or in the above example how it can continue to spread).

This is a pretty thematic system and really adds an extra layer of Nurgle-themed goodness to the Death Guard. These custom Crusade plagues are a great way to help create that narrative from the initial inception of the army all the way through to the end of your Crusade. Additionally, the plagues can change over the course of your Crusade. You can influence those by spending Virulence points that you’ll earn as you progress through your various army Agendas.


On top of plagues for your Crusade, you’ll also be able to earn powerful Chaos Boons to help your army improve over time. These are rolled on a D33 Chart to determine what happens to your chosen character.

But just in case you though that Chaos was being too generous, there’s always the chance your chosen character could end up a chaos spawn:

There are also new Relics awaiting your Death Guard army as they march on in their Crusade to spread disease across the stars. The new Warp Charm of Nurgle is perfect for doing just that:


If you need a reminder of what the Contagion of Nurgle do, here are the charts:

So yes, having the model with the Relic start with a 9″ range for the Contagion ability is going to be pretty potent. It’s also a great reason to bring the new Miasmic Malignifier – but that’s a whole different article. In any case, prepare to go on Crusade this weekend as the Death Guard codex will be up for preorders!

The Death Guard Crusade…I think there was a book about that.


Author: Adam Harrison
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