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Warhammer 40K: Death Guard Miasmic Malignifier Rules

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Jan 16 2021

We’ve got our hands on the Death Guard Codex – take a look at the Death Guard’s new Miasmic Malignifier!

The Death Guard have a new terrain piece/battlefield fortification with the new Miasmic Malignifer. We’ve gotten some hints at what it will do on the tabletop and now we’ve got a look at the datasheet to confirm it all!

For starters – you can totally blow this thing up. It’s got a stat block that includes toughness 8 and 12 wounds – so it’s going to take a little bit of dedicated firepower to drop it. We also now know that it does have a ranged attack – but it’s only 6″ and it’s basically a flamer. It autohits, so that’s nice…but it’s also pretty easy to avoid.


Another big part of it’s ruleset also relies on the Contagions of Nurgle rules which have already been previewed. It always counts the battle round as number 4 which means it’s aura is 9″. It can also explode and provides light cover for Death Guard units within 6″ – or a -1 to hit if the unit was already in light cover.

We also know what the secondary furnace is and how that is also deployed. It must be setup wholly within 6″ of the Miasmic Malignifier and has its own rules. It does not look like it extends or changes the range of the Contagions of Nurgle from the Miasmic Malignifier – they are two different models/terrain features.



We also see that this fortification has its own set of deployment rules which basically boil down to “deploy this anywhere more that 12″ away from the enemy deployment zone and enemy models. I have a feeling that you’re going to see this get dropped on or near those centerline objectives a lot. Punish your opponent if they attempt to take an objective within 9” of this thing!


The Death Guard Codex is out for pre-order this weekend. It should be in stores next week – so get ready for the march of the Death Guard!


Author: Adam Harrison
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