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Warhammer Quest: Cursed City – What We Know So Far

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Jan 27 2021

The Warhammer Quest: Cursed City website has a few teasers and hidden gems on it. Let’s take a closer look and see what we can discover.

There’s something about the new Warhammer Quest game that has me really interested. Maybe it’s macabre setting. Perhaps it’s the cool miniatures that have been revealed. Or it could be the looming threat of a bloodthirsty undead antagonist. Whatever the case the Cursed City teasers so far have had me scrounging for more. You can pop over to their website and check these out for yourself. But here’s what we’ve learned so far:

Gathering Clues

From the video, at the end, we can see a few of our characters of the Cursed City – it looks like 4 so far:

Up first, we have Jelsen Darrock who has already been revealed. That one’s easy enough:

We already got a closer look at him already.

Next, we have this intriguing character:


My gut reaction is that we’re looking at an Endrinrigger of some type. That weapon looks like a harpoon – it also has a hand crank on it and similar tubing to what we’ve seen with the Kharadron Overlords have on their gear.

That said, it’s also very possible this could be a Skaven Warlock Engineer or some other agent of chaos. Let’s not forget that the Darkoath Chieftain was introduced in a Warhammer Quest game, too. It’s not common, but there is precedent for Chaos teaming up with other factions to take on a larger threat. Or a simple one-off alliance of convenience as it were.

Following that up, we have a warrior who clearly likes nature:

My first reaction was “hey, this could be one of the members of the same faction as Skaeth’s Wild Hunt – the warband from Warhammer: Underworlds Beastgrave:


However, the legs on the image don’t exactly line up. I don’t think this one is a forest spirit, so I’m going to pass on the Sylvaneth line. Could this be a Nomad Prince on a personal quest?

The final image we see is of a rather large adventurer:

My immediate thought is Ogor! It could also be an Orruk, but that’s unclear. Regardless, it’s both tall and wide. It could even be something akin to the Ogor Breacher from the Iron Golem Warband:

More Agents of Defiance?

These 4 heroes are not the only ones who are going to brave the city. According to the website, there are a total of 8 Agents of Defiance within the Cursed City game:


As you can see from the screen shot – there are 8 listings for heroes…

What about the bad guys? “Only” five of them – but you can bet there will be more versions of the same type of baddies.

More To The Map

As we mentioned in a previous post, there is also an interactive map you can poke around on:

When you do that, you can see a few things of interest. Mostly it showcases different parts of this cursed city and leaves you clues as to what or who is in charge.

There are 4 characters around the map and they are most likely clues as well – we have one confirmed with Gorslav the Gravekeeper. Note how the shields match-up:

While the cartoon image isn’t a 1:1 recreation of the model, you can see the similarities and it’s clearly Gorslav. Currently, this is the only match. However, I’m expecting that as we get closer to a release date GW will have more of the grey-shield revealed as matching these other art images. Infact, if you look closely at this brightened version, you can see where they line up:


We will have to wait and see when these DO get revealed.

The Cursed City is looking very, very interesting. It’s certainly lining-up with the rest of the AoS themes of Death and Vampires that were teased on the preview. Anyone else ready for more?!


We’ll be venturing into the Cursed City as soon as we can – anyone else going to join the expedition?

Author: Adam Harrison
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