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Arkham Horror: New Expansion ‘Secrets of the Order’ Announced

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Feb 20

Arkham Horror Third Edition is getting a brand new expansion. Check out Secrets of the Order!

The third edition of Arkham Horror is a dive headfirst into the wonderfully weird mythos of Lovecraftian terror from Fantasy Flight Games. With Secrets of the Order, FFG is expanding the game once again with more scenarios, more locations, more monsters, and of course more brave Investigators for you to play as.

via Fantasy Flight Games

Arkham Horror Third Edition Secrets of the Order $39.95

“The unquiet spirits of the dead cry out and ghouls stalk the midnight streets of Arkham. Derelict portals yawn open between our existence and the horrific unknown, and even in the storied French Hill neighborhood, the Order of the Silver Twilight plots their path to greater power.

This new expansion brings investigators to the classic neighborhood of French Hill while also sending them beyond our reality into the depths of the terrifying Underworld. Two new double-sided map tiles bring the older regions of Arkham, Massachusetts to life, including the aforementioned French Hill neighborhood, as well as the Underworld itself. Four more investigators join the party, ranging from the steadfast soldier Mark Harrigan to the confident aviatrix Winifred Habbamock. The investigators’ jobs will not be easy—this expansion brings three entirely new scenarios into the fold, challenging investigators with restless spirits, secret cultists, and the depths of the Underworld itself. With over 130 new encounter and event cards, new assets, monsters, conditions, and a new type of map tile, Secrets of the Order opens a portal to a hoard of content, pulling you into some truly terrifying tales.”

New Investigators

From the picture above we can see that Winifred Habbamock, one of the relative new Investigators being added to the game. And we also can see a “standie” for Mark Harrington, one of the long time fan favorites. There is also get a larger preview for another great investigator Agatha Crane:


All three will be a welcome addition to the board game pool of investigators. There is another unannounced investigator coming to the game as well making it four new investigators total.

New Scenarios And Mechanics

Not only will this new expansion take you to the French Hill neighborhood, but you’ll also get to visit the Underworld with a pair of new double-sided map tiles. In total, there will be three new scenarios to tackle and all of them promise to push you to the limits of your sanity (or luck). There are over 130 new encounter and event cards, new assets, monsters, conditions and more waiting for you in this expansion!

This expansion introduces the new Shrouded keyword as well. This means a monster’s attributes, abilities, and health are a cloaked. you won’t know what you’re getting into until it might be too late.

“The true nature of these monsters is not revealed until an investigator engages them or they are exhausted, and, since they have no health value while shrouded, they cannot be defeated until they flip to their non-shrouded side. After all, you can’t fight what you don’t know!”

The funny thing about these new monsters is that while you can’t technically defeat them until they get flipped, you can still damage them (through various means). Theoretically, you could load up on damage and “preemptively” take them to whatever their lethal value is to remove them. That could come in hand for these monsters:


However, you might be taking out a friendly ghost:

Will you risk attempting to recruit an ally or will you play it safe and nuke them before they get revealed? Decisions, decisions. This new expansion is slated for release later this year.


Once more unto the breach…

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