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Goatboy’s Warhamer 40K – Daemon Engine Death Guard

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Feb 18 2021

Goatboy here with a Morty and his Daemon Engine list I can truly build right now while I wait for GW to update the CSM ones.

Nottingham just wants me to suffer in anguish as I look at all my Maulerfiends and how they could be hitting on 3’s.  One day my dream will come – but until then I have to suffer in silence as I play all my gross Death Guard versions.  Of course, I have some painted so I can play this list pretty quickly – bar updating an old Daemon Prince I made out of a Bloat Drone, throwing on some Chainsaw arms from a Killer Kan, and getting it to match paint wise the rest of my army.  If you haven’t figured it out – I like the Close combat ones a lot.

One day, one day *shakes fist*

With that – let’s get onto the list.  I think going into the Myphtic Bloat Drones is the way to go as it gives me some much better shooting, a big batch of bodies to keep alive for a while, and I have 6 of them painted.  All of those things mean – taking 2 units will be Key to my Plague Tiger Victory.

Death Guard Outrider Detachment – -3CP
-Plague Company – The Poxmongers

Death Guard Daemon Prince – Relic – Ironclot Furnace, Warlord Trait (-1CP) – Hulking Physique, Psychic – Gift of Plagues, Malefic Talon/Hellforged Sword – 150pts

Chaos Spawn X 5 – Grandfathering Influence (2CP)
Foetid Bloat Drone – Fleshmower – 135pts
Foetid Bloat Drone – Fleshmower – 135pts
Foetid Bloat Drone – Fleshmower – 135pts
Myphitic Blight-Haulers X 3 – 420pts
Myphitic Blight-Haulers X 3 – 420pts


Supreme Command Detachment – 0CP
-Plague Company – Mortarion’s Anvil

Mortarion – Psychics – Curst of the Leper, Miasma of Pestilence, Plague Wind, Warlord (Extra one Gloaming Bloat) – 490pts

PTs: 2000 CP: +6CP

Using Morty and His Toys

This is a pretty simple list – you got all the vehicles that will move and shoot, throw out a decent amount of shots, and some close combat ability.  I keep thinking the FW Drone might be worth it too – but getting them might be hard to justify.  The Daemon Prince is set up to be a pain to remove as he moves around and throws a 4+ inv save on the Drones most of the time.  I almost wish I could give him the reroll all hits and wounds but who knows if it will be worth it.  Still – this is a nice Daemon Engine army.  If you want to get rid of Morty you could look at then throwing in 2 Plague Burst Crawlers as you push on more of the fast daemons for Nurgle.  It also means you shift the Daemon Prince a bit with some wings to get him to be the 3rd most expensive unit.

Praise Grandfather Nurgle!


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