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Warhammer 40K: Dark Angels Headed for a Fallen Battle Royale

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Feb 01

The Dark Angel’s Chaper Master Azrael is ticked off something furious, and he knows exactly where to go.

Going back to the last couple of editions, the Dark Angels have hit a rough patch. First they were duped into taking The Rock to the Fenris system and doing some serious damage to it (oops, sorry Space Wolves) alongside the Grey Knights. It turned out they were all duped by The Changeling during the Wrath of Magnus campaign.

Then last edition Luthor escaped. Chaos worked its powers for a warp-powered jailbreak and the most dangerous and long-serving prisoner was sprung, and headed off to parts unknown. The Dark Angel 8th Edition codex said Luthor was attempting to mass a Legion sized army.  I think that kind of thing escalates matters outside the purview of the Interrogator-Chaplains, and demands a chapter sized response.

The new codex picks up the story. Azrael is furious, and the chapter is still trying to figure out exactly how Chaos did it. Every defense and ward was breached, and chain broken, leaving only questions, the taint of the warp, and an embarrassingly empty cell. But not all is lost.

The Somnium Stars is the answer to Azrael’s lament. This is a colossal warp-scar far to the galactic east. The chapter many eyes and ears report that this is where Luthor fled to, and that he is indeed mustering unprecedented numbers of Fallen to his side. In the face of this bitter reality, Azrael takes the only action acceptable for one of his station.

He declares that he is coming for Luthor, and nothing will stand in his way.  This story is taking it’s time to  unfold, but clearly a giant battle royale between The Unfogiven and an entire Legion of the Fallen is shaping up – in a replay of the Fall of Caliban ten thousand years ago.


It is interesting to note that elsewhere in the codex, it is said that Azrael gave the order for the acceptance of several new Primaris chapters into the Unforgiven, and their induction into the chapter’s secrets, at least at the highest levels. His decision was unexpected.

The Dark Angels will soon be needing all the help they can get.


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